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BEI Services' Sales Compensation Model Service

Tired of your sales reps just selling boxes? BEI Services has the solution.

The Old Model
• Pay reps based on gross profit
• Re-sell to the existing customer base
• Sell the most expensive device, not the best device for the job
• Reps give discounts on service instead of retail cost

The New Model
• Pay reps to encourage solution selling
• Pay on page volume and gross profit
• Focus on new and higher-volume customers
• Provide the right incentives to new reps and seasoned veterans

BEI Services' new Sales Compensation Model Service allows you to monitor machines and pay your reps based on the total solution, not just selling boxes. BTA members receive a 15% cash rebate.*

For more information on how to improve your compensation plan, visit BEI Services at or contact Wes McArtor at or (307) 587-8446.

*15% cash rebate distributed quarterly by BTA.