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Employee Assessment Tools
PathShare HR Services & Assessment Tools
Hire with confidence! The Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) is an online assessment tool you can use to objectively examine an applicant's predictable behavior. No matter how they come across in the interview, this assessment tool will help you gain insight into the candidate's natural self-behavior (who they really are).

But it doesn't stop there, the GreatAmerica PathShare HR Services team has created benchmarks and profiled various roles in the office equipment industry. Capitalize on that knowledge to compare your applicant's natural self to the traits needed to be successful in the role you have open. Find out how they "fit" with your opening.

The AVA online assessment is just one component of the hiring process. As certified AVA Analysts, PathShare HR experts will consult with BTA members to understand the individual's results, better understand the applicant's motivation and potential fit. Hire your next top talent with PathShare and the AVA Assessment Tool.

As a special offer to BTA Members, receive $50 OFF PathShare's Interview & Assessment Package! For more information on the AVA and other tools to help your company hire for success, contact the PathShare team today at (866) 629-5118 or

Personnel Survey & Research (PS&R)
Finding and keeping good employees is a challenge. BTA members looking to make informed hiring and promotion decisions can turn to Personnel Survey & Research. PS&R offers assessment tools for management and non-management positions. The program is designed to assist BTA members in the identification, selection and retention of employees to help ensure that the right employees are identified for the right positions. PS&R offers excellent assessment tools for management and non-management positions.

Call PS&R at (609) 921-1066 for more information.

Precision Hiring & Development
Do you know what the top 70% of salespeople have in common? Precision Hiring does. It has the tools to help you take the guesswork out of hiring salespeople and determining if they have what it takes to be high-performance sales professionals. Precision Hiring's Professional Sales Rep Profile will tell you before you hire someone how he (or she) will handle challenges and problems, influence people, react to change and stress, and respond to supervision and management. This will help you determine if his selling style matches your organization's sales approach. Another practical use of the report is to determine if a sales rep would be best suited for the shorter sales cycle of a geographic territory, or in a longer, more relationship-oriented sales approach found in major account sales. The profile will also tell you the sales rep's motivation level and what they really know about selling.

Contact Larry Breed at (800) 875-7599 or for more information.

YardeZone Inc.
Hiring and promoting the right people are the two most important decisions that any dealership can make. Get it right and your dealership is filled with happy productive people - you also make more money than other dealerships and so do your people! Get it wrong and your dealership is filled with people problems, customer complaints, and money issues. YardeZonehas a battery of assessments that can help you become a great interviewer, helping you hire the right people the first time.

YardeZone is now offering BTA members three new pre-employment assessments at special BTA member-only pricing. Click here for more information.