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Winter Break 2015 Educational Sessions

Winter Break Educational Sessions

Keynote Session — Dealer Panel
Mergers, Acquisitions & Future Growth: What is Your Dealership's Strategy?
Moderated by Jim Kahrs, president, Prosperity Plus Management Consulting Inc.

Your competition is being bought and sold. Sometimes the OEM is the buyer, but other times it is another independent dealer. Gain valuable information and insight from key players in the changing marketplace and find out why it is extremely important that you have an exit strategy in place. Learn why you should approach your daily business with the idea that someone is watching your market penetration, bottom line and management style.


Jeff Gau is CEO of Marco, a 740-employee-owned company founded in 1973 that serves customers throughout the upper Midwest and nationally with offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. Gau joined Marco in 1984 as a sales representative and held various management positions before he became president in 2003 and CEO in 2007. He is member of the American Coop Dealer Group Board, the CentraCare Health System Foundation Board, the National Sharp Dealer Council Board, the Cisco Channel Advisory Board, the Stearns-Benton Workforce Council and the Greater St. Cloud Economic Development Corporation Board of Advisors. Gau has served as chair of the United Way Campaign for Central Minnesota, St. Cloud Area YMCA and New Beginnings.

Jim Kreikemeier is president of Capital Business Systems Inc., Fort Collins, Colo. He became president and owner in 1997 and has been with the organization since 1983. Capital Business Systems is a 32-year-old regional office systems company with locations in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. It is a Canon and Ricoh partner, and sells and services MFPs, printers, scanners and software products that enable and enhance these devices. Kreikemeier has previously served on the board of directors for IBPI and the BPCA, and is the current president of the BPCA.

As co-owner of Zymphony Technology Solutions, Rick Lott oversees all aspects of business operations during a period of high growth and significant change in the IT industry. With more than 25 years as a corporate and community leader, he provides the vision to realize the company's mission of providing world-class IT solutions and services for its clients. Lott began his career at Danka in 1980 as a copier tank cleaner. Over the years, he was promoted to many leadership positions in the company, including vice president of the central United States and vice president of mergers and acquisitions. In 1996, Lott combined his industry expertise with Tom Frederick to launch Zeno Office Solutions, a provider of copier, print and back-office solutions. Under his executive leadership, Zeno grew to more than 360 employees and $65 million in revenue and was acquired by Xerox in 2013.

Educational Sessions
Adapting to Today's New Buying Habits
Darrell Amy, chief innovation officer & Lindsay Kelley, chief marketing strategist, Dealer Marketing

Business-to-business sales continues to be impacted by new buying habits. Today, 94 percent of purchases begin online. Research shows buyers are, on average, 57 percent of the way through the buying process before contacting a vendor or sales rep. Has your dealership adapted to these realities? In this session, you will learn how to turn these current buying habits to your advantage with new, integrated sales and marketing strategies.

Amy is the chief innovation officer of Dealer Marketing. For the past 10 years, he has helped dealers develop online marketing strategies that support their business goals and challenges. Previously he served as a sales rep, sales manager, branch manager and DSM for Toshiba.

Kelley is the chief marketing strategist for Dealer Marketing. She brings experience in the execution of integrated marketing campaigns, inbound marketing, digital marketing, and traditional and social strategies, including social selling strategy, content strategy and website builds. Kelley has served in a marketing function for more than 17 years, including working as the marketing director for a large office technology dealership.

Recession or No Recession: Prepare Your Business to Grow & Thrive in Either Environment
Chris Polek, CEO, Polek & Polek Inc.

The 21st century has witnessed some of the most turbulent economic times in our history. Most companies do not fail because of their products, services, industries or economies. It is because most companies do not have the systems and procedures in place to run like well-oiled machines. Are you busy working in your business on the day-to-day, just to get by? In this session, you will learn the most productive ways to work on your business and increase your leverage on your competition.

Polek has served the imaging industry for 27 years. He has spent the last 16 years serving as CEO of Polek & Polek. Polek & Polek helps independent copier/MFP dealerships add loyal customers, and add profit to their businesses with high-quality parts and supplies.

Managed Legal Liability
Bob Goldberg, general counsel, Business Technology Association

For the past several years, the industry buzz has been managed this and managed that. Clearly the business landscape has changed and continues to do so. As your business takes on new directions, have your legal protections kept pace? The legal liabilities have expanded faster than managed services have, and it is essential you understand what they are and how to protect your company. Goldberg has helped guide the industry through these legal obstacles and will educate you on the issues and the protections needed. You will receive the most recent legal templates to implement when you return home although, after hearing Goldberg speak, you may want to implement them during this must-attend presentation.

Goldberg has more than 36 years of industry experience. Upon graduation from law school in 1973, he joined the Antitrust Division of the Illinois Attorney General's Office. Goldberg's government career continued with the Federal Trade Commission until 1977, when he transitioned to private practice. He was a partner with the firm of Freeman, Atkins & Coleman, where he specialized in antitrust and trade regulation matters. Goldberg then joined the law firm Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg LLC, and was a partner with the firm from 1984 to 2008. In 2008, he became of counsel to the firm, continuing to collaborate and mentor with the firm's attorneys and staff. Today, he provides BTA members with no-fee advice and guidance on a diverse range of topics.

The 'New' Team Members
Sally Brause, director of human resources consulting, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp.

It is important to get the most out of each of your team members. However, it can be challenging to meet the needs of people
of different generations who may think differently than you. In this session, learn the best strategies, methods and factors to consider when trying to recruit and hire those of the millennial generation. The key motivators and communication styles of this generation will be addressed to help you lead more effectively. Among the questions to be answered: What do today's job candidates look for in a career and how will they search for it? What do they want from leaders? How can companies create an atmosphere of understanding and teamwork among today's employees? And lest you feel like you are finally starting to "get" the millennials, Brause will give you a glimpse at the next generation entering the workforce.

Brause is the director of human resources consulting for GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp. and leads its hiring and training offering, PathShare® HR Services. Her areas of expertise are attracting, motivating and developing top talent. She has been sharing this expertise with office technology dealers during the past five years. She is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and has been certified as a Compensation Professional through World at Work. Brause has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and participated in the Wharton School of Business’ Leading Organizational Change program.
Sales Management: The Benchmarks that Drive Sales to Higher Levels
Melissa Whitaker, founder, Melissa Whitaker International LLC (MWI)

Sales managers are constantly struggling with clarity on effective sales management processes and systems that achieve top performance for their teams. In this session, Whitaker will discuss benchmarks and best practices that sales managers can follow to guide their sales teams in finding ideal clients, increasing sales and driving consistent, measurable results.

Whitaker is a sales and management expert, business consultant and published best-selling author who helps executives and their teams achieve alignment and drive profitable sales. After 17-plus years of proven sales and management results with leading organizations — Impact Networking, Toshiba America Business Solutions and Chicago Office Technology Group (COTG/GISX/XEROX) — she founded MWI. Prior to founding MWI, Whitaker was the director of professional development and managed print services for a $40-million technology company. Prior to that, serving as a global relationship manager and business analyst for a $54.3-billion international organization, she helped 55 different companies gain market share within their respective industries by focusing on identifying and developing business opportunities with enterprise-wide cost-reduction strategies.

Service & Operations: Key Drivers of Financial & Operational Performance
Ken Staubitz, national sales manager, BEI Services

There is a fine balance to maintain benchmark service profitability and be service-cost competitive in your marketplace. With this in mind, the two biggest cost factors in service are labor (headcount) and parts expense. Therefore, it is critical to ensure your company is effectively managing these areas. Being understaffed may provide you the intended margins, but could jeopardize the service provided to your clients. Conversely, having excessive capacity does not necessarily mean you are putting your best foot forward to take care of your customers and it may impede your dealership from being competitive in its market. In this session, you will learn key drivers and best practices that drive financial and operational performance to ensure your dealership is managing the two biggest cost components of service.

With more than 16 years of office technology industry experience in all levels of service and operations, Staubitz joined BEI Services in January 2013. The majority of his career prior to joining BEI Services was with Modern Office Methods (MOM) in Cincinnati, Ohio. His most recent position with MOM was as director of client services, where he managed more than 60 service personnel in various locations. Staubitz consistently exceeded the various financial and operational benchmarks that allowed him to successfully train and consult for both the dealer channel and various manufacturers to improve their service operations.

Succession Planning for Your Dealership
Jim Kahrs, president, Prosperity Plus Management Consulting Inc.

Every business needs a succession plan. Many think it is only needed for a business when the owner gets close to retirement, but this could not be further from the truth. The best time to create a succession plan is long before it is needed. In this session, Kahrs will discuss the succession planning process and outline what is needed. You will leave with an insight into why a plan is needed and the background needed to begin outlining your plan.

Kahrs has been in the office technology industry for more than 27 years. He has been recognized as a top sales producer, sales manager, operations manager, business executive and business consultant, and has held positions in sales, sales management, wholesale management and as a dealership executive. Kahrs formed Prosperity Plus Management Consulting in July 2001 to help dealerships improve their operations and help business owners and managers attain their personal and professional goals. He has been a featured speaker for numerous professional associations, trade associations and manufacturers large and small.

Special Presentation
Sponsored by:

Ignite Your Life! Discovering the Keys to Unlock Passion, Potential & Impact

John O'Leary, Rising Above

Journey with O'Leary as he reveals that our greatest challenges can be transformed into outstanding growth. Through emotional storytelling and great humor, O'Leary empowers you to carefully consider five critical life questions: Who am I? Where am I going? Who is going with me? How do I get there? What can I do?

Within these questions are the keys to how you relate with others, where you have growth opportunities and what your absolute advantages are. What might happen if you embraced your scars, mistakes and missteps — and utilized the lessons learned to propel you forward? What if you imagine that anything is possible in your life — and actually believe in achieving those dreams? What impact could you have if you worked in perfect symphony with your team — and created an impact far greater than any single individual? How significant would your life be if you discovered passion and meaning in your life — and tapped into the resulting increase in energy, persistence and creativity?

By utilizing lessons learned from surviving childhood burns on 100 percent of his body, O'Leary will guide you on an emotional, humorous, uplifting and results-oriented ride.

O'Leary is proof of the power of the human spirit. As a nine-year-old boy, he was burned on 100 percent of his body and was given less than a 1-percent chance to survive. He endured months in the hospital, years in therapy, dozens of surgeries and lost all his fingers to amputation. Despite the odds, he not only survived — but thrived. O'Leary is a college graduate, business owner, hospital chaplain, international speaker, husband and father. His presentations have been described as "captivating, amazing and life-changing." O'Leary challenges and empowers every audience member to dream again, re-ignite his (or her) passion and take positive action.

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