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BTA Strategic Sales Workshop Testimonials
Following are additional testimonials for the BTA Strategic Sales Workshop.

"You guys did a great job in bringing new concepts into our world. The hard part will be to implement it, as tomorrow we are back to 'normal' again."
Dirk Uys, Dahill, San Antonio, Texas

"This class was extremely helpful in allowing me to put together a plan for increasing revenue while also creating a more professional relationship with our customers and partners."
Gerard Iannuzzelli, Des Plaines Office Equipment, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

"This was good material; Chris and Mitch put together a good process. I look forward to using the strategic sales process they taught."
Dave Materia, Fraser AIS, Reading, Pa.

"The training program was a very stimulating event. We took away some great ideas and new programs to grow our business."
Dave Ward, Atlantic Business Systems, Melbourne, Fla.

"There was a lot of information to digest, but it's presented in a fashion that keeps us interested. The class had very valuable material. You gave it to us, showed us how to use it, why we should and why it will work. Overall, this was an awesome class and I'm looking forward to applying these 'strategic' practices."
Corey Patterson, Atlantic Business Systems, Melbourne, Fla.

"This is one of the best workshops that I have ever been to. It was very well-taught and provided a lot of useful information."
Brian Powell, Atlantic Business Systems, Melbourne, Fla.

"The portion that dealt with sales skills was outstanding. Generally, these events are about product knowledge; this was about sales. Thank you very much."
Lee Binder, Atlantic Business Systems, Melbourne, Fla.

"I wish I had more reps with me to hear the information. The information was very up-to-date and on point with the industry and the direction the industry is heading. The workshop is ahead of the curve. I'm excited about the opportunities that will come after I work the process that Mitch and Chris have challenged me to follow."
Fred Brown, U.S. Business Systems, Elkhart, Ind.

"This was the best and most forward-thinking sales process I have seen before. I wish I would have brought my whole team. The workshop was fast-paced with great information. Great job."
Kevin Marshall, Copy Link Inc., Chula Vista, Calif.

"ProSolutions provided nuggets of information that will help me be more productive and will help my sales reps be more productive. I think the idea of structuring the sales process for solutions sales is great and was fairly well-executed. The diversity of attendees makes the process more challenging, but interesting."
Dave Abdo, SoCal Office Technologies, Cypress, Calif.

"The ProSolutions instructors were great! They were very enthusiastic and prepared. "
Kimberly Fortier, Smile Business Products, Sacramento, Calif.

"The instructors were great and very knowledgeable about how our industry is transforming. There are many new solutions that are becoming available to the dealer that is willing to take advantage of new opportunities."
Gary Koesters, Millennium Business Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I just wanted to let you know that the time was very enjoyable. I really appreciate the passion and pride that Mitch and Chris have for our industry. "
Bob Thompson, Carolina Business Equipment, Columbia, S.C.

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