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Capture the Magic 2016 Educational Sessions
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Keynote Address
Street Fighter Marketing: Out-Thinking, Not Out-Spending, Your Competition
Jeff Slutsky, founder, Street Fighter Marketing

This thought-provoking and dynamic keynote address will be filled with numerous examples of the innovative, shrewd, clever and "out-of-the-box" thinking and effective communication strategies needed to compete in today's competitive environment. Learn the Street Fighter secrets of doing more with less, in what Inc. Magazine referred to as "Brains Over Bucks." Slutsky will share his secrets to marketing without money.

With a background in both advertising and public relations, Slutsky had an opportunity to practice what he preached when he became part owner of a nightclub and, later, a health club. With the marketing dollars now coming out of his own pocket, he soon began to discover and develop result-oriented, low-cost tactics to build sales. Slutsky's grassroots marketing program has received a great deal of national media attention from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. Magazine and CNN. He has presented and consulted with many organizations including AT&T, American Express, Chevron, Walt Disney, Pizza Hut, Honda, Sony, Goodyear, the U.S. Army, Marvel Entertainment and McDonald's. Slutsky is the founder of Street Fighter Marketing, which specializes in teaching businesses how to market, promote and increase sales on a shoestring budget. He has authored and published 10 books including "Street Fighter Marketing Solutions," and has produced three audio albums and six video training programs.

Additional Educational Sessions
Understanding & Leveraging the XQ Factor of Your Employees
Joe Keshmiri, president & CEO, & Cyrus Kennedy, executive vice president, XQ Innovation

In 2015, Time Magazine published an article called, "How High is Your XQ? Your Job Might Depend on It," which highlighted a new trend in business — employee assessments. What is XQ? It is a combination of IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and personality traits (behaviors and motivators). Together, the three can create an amazing synergy that provide a better understanding of the human mind. With that understanding, business owners and managers can be better prepared to ensure that business strategies are carried out effectively with each employee reaching his (or her) full potential. In this session, Keshmiri will discuss the importance of understanding each office technology dealership employee's XQ factor and provide tools that can dramatically increase their employee engagement and help make them much more successful on a daily basis.

After 30 years working for such organizations as Canon, Lanier, Minolta and IKON Office Solutions, as well at several Canon and Ricoh office technology dealerships, Keshmiri was inspired to embark on helping CEOs and business owners achieve their business goals. He founded XQ Innovation on the principle that success is predictable and that creativity and innovation are at the heart of global business. Recognizing that the emergences of the millennial and multicultural/multigenerational workforce requires a sound XQ factor strategy for sustained success — while also recognizing that people are always at the heart of success for any organization — Keshmiri has designed several employee performance optimization programs to engage and re-engage employees at all levels of companies to enhance bottom-line performance.

Kennedy set out a decade ago to change an emerging workplace perception that millennials did not work hard, could not communicate well or be team players, let alone leaders. By his mid-20s, he had hired and managed more than 1,000 millennials and achieved expertise in gaining maximum performance from of his employees. Kennedy has become an expert in recruiting, training and maintaining a millennial workforce, and he has developed an engagement processes to better understand and motivate millennials in the office. Kennedy has proven that despite some negative perceptions of this generation, millennials can work quickly and efficiently. He became a partner at XQ Innovation in 2015, having become a Certified Professional TTI Behavioral and Motivators Analyst. Kennedy brings with him further experience in nationwide sales with government and major accounts, as well as a business degree with a special focus on advertising and marketing from California State University, Fullerton, California.

The Ten Commandments of New Revenue Growth
Jerry Newberry, president, & Steve Rolla, senior partner, Pros Elite Group

The office technology dealer network is rapidly transforming into a digital information management systems entity. The three elements of digital information management systems — document management and scanning; technology services and applications; and optimization of digital output devices — require many specialized disciplines. There are, however, some similar execution skills required that are common denominators to success. These common denominators are the commandments of execution that lead to profitable growth in all segments of this new and exciting paradigm. In this session, Newberry and Rolla will outline these execution commandments.

Newberry, president of Pros Elite Group, was formerly vice president of the Global Imaging Systems service organization. He developed the Dealer Service assessment process, which is now taught in the PEG Advanced Service Management HYBRID training. To date, more than 1,500 dealer and manufacturer service executives have attended this training. Newberry is also responsible for developing the new service financial and operational model for MPS. He has more than 28 years of experience in the industry and has made more than 200 company visits to improve profitability and operational performance.

Rolla has been in the office imaging industry for 45 years and is one of the few company presidents in the industry who has come from a service background. Most in the office technology industry know Rolla as the president of organizations that have achieved IKON's CEO of the Year Award or the Global Imaging Systems Chairman's Award. Rolla authored the first industry benchmarking model with Tom Johnson during their time together at Alco Standard and Global Imaging. Today, he is a partner in the Pros Elite Group and is responsible for the Pros Elite 100 Dealer Group. In 2012, he published the "Pros Elite Sales Playbook," which outlines 13 critical sales management activities, associated benchmarks and execution skills to achieve them.

How to Increase Sales & Retain Accounts in the New Era of Office Technology
Ed McLaughlin, CEO, Valderus, & Rick Reynolds, CEO, AskForensics

The office technology industry is evolving and changing in major ways. It was a transactional world, but has since shifted to a high-performance service industry. How prepared is your dealership to win new sales and retain existing accounts in this ultra-competitive industry? If you want to win in this new era, your company has to become adept at uncovering what customers really want. This session will address real-world examples and strategies for uncovering client needs and identifying areas of vulnerability in accounts before it is too late. It will also address the often undetected, not-so-obvious cracks in client relationships that put critical client accounts "at risk," according to sales and account retention data from the AskForensics Knowledgebase of more than $14 billion worth of contracts and proposals of enterprise companies. The insight from this session will help attendees more closely align with the business objectives of their customers.

McLaughlin has 40 years of experience in the information and imaging industries. He previously served as president of Sharp Imaging & Information Company of America. He is currently president and CEO at Valderus, bringing together dealerships with an innovative approach for shared profitability while retaining local management and brand identity. He also on the board of advisors at Continuum Managed IT Services and strategic advisor to Innovolt.

Reynolds is a co-founding partner and the CEO of AskForensics, which helps Fortune-ranked companies win more deals and strengthen multimillion-dollar accounts. AskForensics is the publisher of the annual AskForensics Sales Analysis, which provides real-world statistical insight on why enterprise companies win or lose sales and accounts.

Seat-Based Billing for Managed Print
West McDonald, vice president of business development, Print Audit, & owner, FocusMPS

The modern office is changing at lightning speed, which is putting pressure on traditional managed print services. Increased competition, millennials entering the workplace, and increased use of tablets and other similar technologies are putting pressure on cost-per-page (CPP) offerings like never before. So, what should be done about it? Seat-based billing (SBB) for managed print could be the answer dealers are seeking. This session will address the necessary components to successfully craft SBB quotes and contracts for managed print. Attendees will learn how to avoid the potential dangers of SBB, as well as how to make their managed print offerings more profitable than ever before.

McDonald has been speaking on topics related to managed print for more than a decade. He is respected as one of the foremost experts in the field. McDonald's proven ability to engage audiences with his upbeat and highly informative speaking style, as well as his unique blend of actionable intelligence and thought-provoking material will make his session something attendees will talk about long after the event ends. He is currently the vice president of business development for Print Audit and owns FocusMPS, an MPS training company.

End-in-Mind Hiring
Troy Harrison, owner, Troy Harrison & Associates

Most employee search efforts are doomed before they start because the hiring process is not completed with the end in mind. This session will provide a model and techniques ensuring that the right person is hired for your dealership. Among the topics to be addressed in this session: beginning with the end in mind; the three characteristics of a candidate and what should be most important to you; the common element of nearly every bad hire and how you can prevent those bad hires; and behavioral interviewing, which is the "silver bullet" of hiring.

Harrison is the author of "Sell Like You Mean It!" and"The Pocket Sales Manager." He is a speaker, consultant and sales navigator who helps companies build more profitable and productive sales forces with his cutting-edge sales training and methodologies.

Key Trends in the Hardware & Consumables Markets
Charles Brewer, president & founder, Actionable Intelligence

Today, there are several major trends shaping the hardcopy industry and influencing the development of new technologies (mono vs. color; A4 vs. A3; electrophotography vs. inkjet) featured in the latest machines. This session will detail these trends and review how technologies continue to evolve to better accommodate end-user needs. It will look at some of the key product introductions over the past couple of years that reflect key macro trends. In addition, this session will explore how consumables are responsible for many of the enhancements (speed, size, power consumption, operating costs, etc.) offered by recent hardware releases and analyze how consumables remain critical to the overall health of the hardcopy industry.

Brewer is president and founder of Actionable Intelligence. With more than 20 years covering technology, he was previously an editor for Inc. Magazine and ComputerWorld, and managing editor of The Hard Copy Supplies Journal, a monthly newsletter on digital imaging consumables published by Lyra Research. Brewer's firm launched Actionable Intelligence ( in 2011 and, today, it is the destination site for news and analysis related to the hardware and consumables markets. Hundreds of thousands of users have visited the site, which now features more than 2,000 posts. Brewer is a popular industry speaker and presents regularly at various events in China, Europe and North America.

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