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2017 BTA National Conference Educational Sessions
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Keynote Address

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Vision, Strategy, Execution: More Than Just Business Knowledge
Meridith Elliott Powell, president & CEO, MotionFirst Inc.

Competitive, challenging and constantly shifting — that is today's marketplace! To grow and compete, you need a strong sense of business acumen. You need to see the big picture, understand external trends and implement strategy with one hand tied behind your back. To succeed, you need to be that rare leader who can stay laser-focused, while remaining flexible enough to seize new opportunities. Want to leave your competition in the dust? This power-packed session will help you do so. In this session, Powell will dive deep into how to enhance your business knowledge and sharpen your strategic skills, all while showing you how to execute effectively and get results.

Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist. With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including health care (Carolina Ophthalmology, Carolinas Healthcare System) and banking/finance (First Citizens Bank, Carolina First Bank, Palmetto Bank). At Carolina Ophthalmology, Powell worked her way up from an entry-level position to COO. She is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 12 percent of professional speakers, and is a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaching Council. Powell has a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge. She is the author of four books, including "Winning In The Trust & Value Economy" and her latest book, "Own It: Redefining Responsibility — Stories of Power, Freedom & Purpose," which addresses how to build cultures that inspire ownership at every level to create profits at every turn. Powell is passionate about helping her clients understand everything they need to know about how to make this economy start working for them.

Dinner Entertainment

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When Life's Hard, Laugh Harder!
Devin Henderson, humorist

Henderson takes humor seriously. He has a funny way of helping people use humor to perform at their best in life and have more fun while doing it. As an entrepreneur, father of five and a pain in the neck to the world's most beautiful bride, Henderson's mantra is: "When life's hard, laugh harder." His observational humor covers everything from dieting to technology to weird names for babies.

Henderson uses only clean humor — no naughty words — and has been making audiences laugh for more than a dozen years. He has performed as a corporate comedian in all 50 states — except Hawaii, Alaska and, like, 18 others. Henderson has opened for comedians Sinbad and Mike Birbiglia and is a Certified Speaking Professional, which is like the black belt of public speaking. So don't mess with him — his humor is lethal. Get ready to laugh, think a little and brace yourself for Henderson's unique and surprising talents.

Dealer Panel

A Strong Culture's Impact on the Implementation of New Solutions & Strategies
Moderated by Jennie Fisher, senior vice president & general manager, Office Equipment Group, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp.

As our industry continues to evolve and office technology dealers focus on expanding their services and solutions models, a critical piece to driving their businesses forward are cultures that embraces change. Can you say you are ready to embrace change today? Organizations that experience successful evolutions in their business models keep innovation at the core of their cultures, and continually focus on maintaining and strengthening those cultures. Companies with both highly aligned cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies have 30-percent-higher enterprise value growth and 17-percent-higher profit growth than companies with low degrees of alignment. In this session, attendees will hear from three dealer panelists whose businesses' solid cultures have provided systems to drive and support evolution as they expand their solution offerings. Hear how they continually focus on maintaining and building strong cultures, and how their strong cultures have contributed to the success they enjoy today and as they continue to move their businesses forward.

Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of the Office Equipment Group, is responsible for sales, marketing, operations and financial performance for this business unit at GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp. She has been involved in lease financing and the office equipment industry since 1989. Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 1993, Fisher worked for GE Capital. She earned her MBA from the University of Iowa in May 2004. During her tenure with GreatAmerica, Fisher has held various leadership positions, including team leader east coast, internal auditor, sales director of office equipment, vice president of strategic marketing, and vice of president sales for the Office Equipment Group. She serves on the board of directors for the MPSA and the ITEX Advisory Board. She previously served on the board of directors for Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the board for Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa.


Brett Butler is president and CEO of Excel Office Services (EOS), Los Angeles, California. He has 24 years of experience in the copier/MFP business. Butler has served on Xerox Corp.'s USCU President's Council for the last two years. EOS is predicted to organically double its revenue from $5 million to $10 million in two years, from 2015 to 2017. The EOS business plans to double again by the end of 2019. EOS attributes its success to employee-aligned goals to grow the business. The company has shifted from front-end transactional selling to a transformational services model. Butler lives in Manhattan Beach, California, is married and has an 11-year-old daughter. EOS is committed to giving back to the community and supports Heal the Bay, Olive Crest and The Switzer Learning Center.

Debra Dellaposta is president and CEO of Doing Better Business Inc., Altoona, Pennsylvania. For 25 years, Dellaposta has considered her role as an agent of change for both her company and customers. Her development of the company's managed print services program won it national recognition with the MPSA Award in 2010. When Dellaposta was named president and CEO in 2013, she focused on growing the company by empowering every employee and creating a culture of family. Under Dellaposta's leadership, the company earned Fortune Magazine's "Great Place to Work" and "Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania" rankings. She participates in industry leadership roles, serving on the Ricoh National Dealer Council and as the Select Dealer Group president-elect. Dellaposta has been honored as one of the Top 100 Business People of Central Pennsylvania and Women Making A Difference by the Pennsylvania Business Central Magazine several times.

Gary Harouff has served as founder and president of AIS since 2002. AIS is a technology solutions provider for small- to medium-sized businesses and is headquartered in North Las Vegas, Nevada, with four additional branches in Southern California. Over the last 15 years, AIS has forged partnerships with KYOCERA Document Solutions, as well as 3D Systems and GreatAmerica Financial Services. AIS is proud to offer 3D printing technology; it is the first independent dealership in the Las Vegas area to offer such service. AIS places a high value on exceeding its customers' expectations and aims to provide a high level of service. The company was founded on the principles of work ethic, integrity and teamwork. These principles have enabled AIS to create a culture that cares about its customers, its community and each other.

Educational Sessions

Sales Evolution: Delivering Results From Both Transactional & Strategic Sales
Mitch Morgan, partner, Growth Achievement Partners

Do all of your sales reps have the skills necessary to excel in today's market? The industry is shifting from transactional sales to strategic sales, and sales reps need new skills for this transition. Transactional sales are characterized by an equipment focus, selling a payment, replacement of the base (current or net new) and mid-level buyers. Strategic sales are characterized by probing for pain, alignment of solutions to a prospect's business goals, determining (and getting to) the right level in the organization and justifying incremental spend. In this session, Morgan will explain how to determine which accounts and which opportunities require a transactional approach and which accounts require a strategic approach. This skill is required to be successful today and into the future.

Morgan founded the Connectivity Dealer Program from NIA in 1991. After his businesses were acquired by IKON Office Solutions in 1996, he led its Technology Services Division. In 2001, he formed the Professional Services Division for IKON. Morgan has been consulting with CEOs on strategy, operations, organizational development and sales since 2005.

Selling to Gen X
Darrell Amy, chief innovation officer, Dealer Marketing

Much attention has been given to the millennial sales reps we are hiring. While the members of this younger generation have started selling, the members of the middle generation — Generation X — have been assuming positions of authority. In this session, Amy, a true Gen-X decision maker, will share how to market and sell to Gen-X decision makers who are now approaching their 50s.

Amy brings 23 years of industry experience, having coached hundreds of solutions reps on how to uncover business problems, and helped major account reps talk intelligently about business and financial issues. He also helps reps develop professional writing and presentation skills. Amy's career began in 1993 with Lanier, where he was a sales rep, sales manager and branch manager. He sold his first document management system in 1995 and landed his first hospital account the following year. Next, Amy was a district sales manager for a Japanese copier OEM. While there, he became DSM of the year after helping to land a large health-care account. Amy also became fascinated with document management technology and, in 2004, he began training solutions specialists in the copier/MFP industry. Amy is the founder of Dealer Marketing, a digital marketing agency providing website and social media marketing services to office technology dealerships. He is also co-founder of the Social Sales Academy.

Is 52-Percent Aftermarket Profitability Realistic for Your Organization?
Ken Staubitz, vice president of service & aftermarket support, Modern Office Methods

Fifty-two percent service margins have long been the benchmark for service profitability. However, office technology dealers often question if this benchmark is realistic for their organizations. In this session, Staubitz will discuss best practices and market factors that will influence the impact this benchmark has relative to your specific dealership and market demands.

Staubitz has more than 20 years of office technology industry experience in all levels of service and operations. During his tenure in the dealer channel, he has repeatedly exceeded the various financial and operational benchmarks, allowing him to successfully train and consult for both the dealer channel and various manufacturers to improve their service operations. Staubitz is currently the vice president of service and aftermarket support for Modern Office Methods (MOM) based in Cincinnati, Ohio. At MOM, he oversees the service support staff, help desk and customer care division for the entire organization.

Assessing the Health of Your Dealership
Jim Kahrs, president, Prosperity Plus Management Consulting Inc.

It is human nature to get into a comfort zone and stay there. This leads many businesses to a point of stagnation. However, doing the same thing over and over rarely — if ever — leads to improvement. Achieving your goals starts with a thorough assessment of exactly where you are today. In this session, Kahrs will outline a process for assessing the good and bad of your dealership. The assessment looks at all aspects of the business with an eye toward identifying areas that may be holding you back. He will provide the process and some exact tools for completing the assessment now and in the future. Attendees will leave with an outline of each plan and the tools needed to get them in place when they get back to their dealerships.

Kahrs has been a leader in the office technology industry for more than 30 years. He has been recognized as a top sales producer, sales manager, operations manager, business executive and business consultant. Kahrs has held positions in sales, sales management, wholesale management and as a dealership executive. He formed Prosperity Plus Management Consulting in July 2001 for the purpose of helping office technology dealerships improve their operations, and helping business owners and managers attain their personal and professional goals. Prosperity Plus provides real-world tools for improving profit, cash flow and growth, and has helped hundreds of dealerships improve their performance and achieve their goals. Kahrs has been a featured speaker for numerous professional associations, trade associations and manufacturers both large and small. His presentations are designed to deliver truly usable information in a simple, straightforward and entertaining manner. Attendees of his sessions leave with a good understanding of the topic covered and the ability to immediately apply it to their businesses and personal lives.

Services-Focused Selling: Is It the Right Approach for Your Company?
Doug Johnson, chief strategy officer, LMI Solutions

During this session, Johnson will discuss the two primary go-to-market models for the imaging industry, including the different asset and competency requirements for each, long-term revenue and margin models, and the implications to the dealer's business beyond imaging. Dealer attendees will leave the session with practical questions to answer to guide their thinking in evaluating the right long-term business models for their companies, including questions around both their sales processes and operational structures, and the necessary capabilities for long-term success.

Johnson is the chief strategy officer of LMI Solutions and has more than 30 years of senior-level management and marketing experience in the document imaging industry. A noted industry speaker and futurist, he is responsible for shaping LMI's strategic direction and ensuring the company builds on its 20-year growth trajectory and continues to deliver profitable, cutting-edge solutions to LMI's partner network.

What's Happenin' in the Imaging Industry
Andy Slawetsky, president, Industry Analysts Inc.

In recent years, the changing workplace and ever-evolving end-user expectations have contributed to a redirected focus of sorts within the office technology industry. Meanwhile, from the growing emphasis on the need for dealers to pursue adjacent revenue opportunities to the news of OEM acquisitions to the rise of such offerings as mobile printing apps — it can sometimes make your head spin. In this session, Slawetsky will address these and other notable industry changes and trends. He will also provide strategic overviews of the industry's OEMs. As a regular attendee at industry events, analyst briefings and technology overviews, Slawetsky will share his thoughts and observations on "what's happenin'" today in the industry and the resulting opportunities being presented to the independent dealer channel.

Slawetsky is president of Industry Analysts Inc., founded in 1973 by his father. He joined the firm in 1996 as an industry analyst covering the office technology industry. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Slawetsky began his career selling copiers in the Washington, D.C., market. Today, he manages one of the most widely read news publications in the imaging industry, the What's Happenin' daily e-newsletter, which has more than 20,000 subscribers. Slawetsky also provides new sales rep training and social media consulting services for dealers.

Effective Sales Management
Tom Callinan, president, FlexPrint LLC

It is frequently said that the toughest job in the industry is the front-line sales manager. However, if the sales manager has the correct focus — which should be on developing each team member — the job becomes extremely rewarding. In this session, attendees will be introduced to a management process that supports employees, managers and revenue growth for the company.

Callinan is the president of FlexPrint LLC, a private equity-backed leading national provider of MPS. Before assuming his role at FlexPrint, he was a leading industry consultant on MPS and advanced sales approaches as the president of Strategy Development. Callinan spent eight years at IKON in various general management positions, culminating in leading IKON's largest business unit at $1.4 billion with 1,100 sales professionals and 6,800 employees. IKON acquired the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dealership he founded and led through rapid growth for a 10-year period. A high honors graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Callinan lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Manage the Process, Not the People
Gil Cargill, owner, Cargill Consulting Group Inc.

Far too many sales managers inadvertently become cheerleaders because they are trying to manage each aspect of each salesperson's day. By developing and documenting a sales process (i.e., a playbook), you will have a team that consistently meets or exceeds your targeted revenue objectives. In this session, Cargill will show you how to document the perfect process for your company and, more importantly, how to deploy it.

In 1978, after concluding a sales and management career at IBM, in which Cargill led his sales team from a dead-last rating among 220 branch offices to first place in less than a year, he launched his own consulting practice, Cargill Consulting Group Inc. He has spent the past 38 years as a consultant, speaker and trainer, helping thousands of businesses achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity. Cargill has taught salespeople across diverse industries the importance of developing sales processes, the advantages of implementing new technology and the benefits of tracking sales performance. He is a frequent speaker at national conventions and meetings of Vistage International, formerly The Executive Committee (TEC), and has been consultant to such organizations as Toshiba, ComputerLand, Micro Age, Apple Computers, Borg Warner Weyerhaeuser, and many thousands of growing small-to-medium-sized businesses. In 1996, Sales & Marketing Management magazine named Cargill one of the "Top Six Speakers in the Country" and Successful Meetings magazine listed him as one of the "Hot 25 Speakers to Watch For."

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