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BTA Navigator Program

How the Program Works:

Once the Navigator agreement is returned to BTA Member Services, your firm will begin to appear on publicized lists of BTA Navigators. You will see these lists at trade shows, in membership mailings, BTA publications and special Navigator promotion materials.

When a member calls and requests to use the Navigator program for membership dues, educational tuition or special BTA activities, the BTA staff first instructs him (or her) to contact his  manufacturer's dealer support representative to verify reimbursement claims with the manufacturer.

It is not BTA's intention to become involved with financial transactions or amounts exchanged between manufacturers and their dealers. However, we are willing to offer any support necessary.


Enrollment in the BTA Navigator Program:

To become a BTA Navigator, simply email Brent Hoskins at

If your firm wishes to customize the program and pay only for educational tuition or membership dues, mention this in your email. The BTA staff maintains a master list of Navigators and activities authorized for coverage. This list is occasionally published, so it is essential that you keep BTA informed of any changes in policy or personnel related to your enrollment.



Most Navigators reimburse dealers based on their co-op allowances for membership dues or educational tuition.

Currently, membership for a retail dealer is $500 for a one-year membership and $925 for a two-year membership.

Education tuition varies. The BTA Calendar should be consulted for the most recent prices and course listings. The BTA Education & Certification toll-free number is (800) 843-5059.

Thanks to the support of our Navigators, BTA membership will remain essential for the leaders of the office technology industry. If you do not see your OEM on the list below, contact your OEM's co-op representative to find out if your supplier will reimburse you for your BTA membership dues and/or tuition.


BTA Navigators:

Ricoh: Dues only


For additional information, call BTA Member Services at (800) 505-2821.