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Continuum Reporting API Allows Integration With Any Third-Party Vendor

Monday, October 3, 2016  
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Continuum has released the Continuum Reporting API, allowing open access to agent asset data by third-party vendors and Continuum's MSP partners. With the new Reporting API, vendors can now integrate with Continuum to help increase efficiencies in client workflows and gain insight into combined data. Meeting MSP partners' demands, the company's partners can now make authenticated requests for raw reporting data to build custom reports in-house or through a third-party reporting vendor.

"We are happy to answer the call from our MSP partners to provide access to Continuum's raw reporting data to allow integration with their third-party vendors in order to build custom reports in-house, streamline documentation and more," said Brian Herr, vice president of products, Continuum. "We expect this new open API to be used for endless opportunities for partners to increase their workflow efficiencies."

The Reporting API provides access to more than 200 unique data fields, ranging from basic machine information to patching, anti-virus and backup data. Integration is possible with any third-party vendor that can leverage agent asset information. Vendor integration opportunities with this open API are expansive, ranging from reporting tools to documentation systems to lead generation.

Leveraging the new Reporting API, Continuum now integrates with IT Glue, a proven, best-practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help MSPs reduce waste and maximize profit. IT Glue now connects with Continuum's Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform, continuously synchronizing servers and workstations into IT Glue, where documentation can be created and maintained effortlessly with the information always up-to-date. MSPs can access useful asset information including memory, disk and CPU, directly into IT Glue.

"IT Glue was privileged to be involved in the evolution of Continuum's Reporting API and we are excited to be able to leverage it through integration to provide value to our mutual partners," said Chris Day, CEO, IT Glue. "It has been a pleasure working with Continuum on this project and we look forward to the future of this strong partnership."

Also leveraging the Reporting API, Continuum now integrates with BrightGauge, providing consolidation of IT vendor reports in one place and allowing MSPs to build in-house custom reports, charts and dashboards to increase technician efficiency. MSPs now can create custom reports and dashboards that integrate reporting from other tools as well such as QuickBooks, DropBox and all the major PSA tools.

"The Continuum team made a commitment to roll out a newly improved Reporting API with our recommendations included, and they proved to us that they are not only a company that stands behind their commitments, but they are able to move fast and be nimble even given all their priorities," said Eric Dosal, co-founder and CEO, BrightGauge. "We were in constant communication with the product team, getting regular updates on progress and requests for information. It showed they are serious partner to work with which is very refreshing in the industry."

In other news, Continuum and Auvik Networks have announced a partnership agreement allowing Continuum's MSP partners to purchase and manage Auvik through the Continuum ITSupport Portal. With this partnership, partners gain better insight and visibility into the performance of all devices on their clients' networks, allowing them to troubleshoot issues more easily, provide more proactive service to clients and free up valuable technician time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

"With the importance of the network increasing as more applications move to the cloud, our partners need tools to expand their service offerings and continue to deliver world-class service to their clients," Herr said. "This partnership is unique in the marketplace. Not only will it integrate the best-in-class endpoint and network RMM products from Continuum and Auvik, but it also wraps the fully managed services of Continuum's NOC around it to deliver an unmatched network management solution."

The integration will enable the Continuum NOC to help partners manage and support network devices, enabling MSPs to monitor and remediate network issues without needing to grow their staffs.

"Savvy partners know that offering complete network management — from endpoints to infrastructure — is an excellent way to stand out in an increasingly competitive market," said Alex Hoff, vice president of product and sales, Auvik. "Using Auvik's automation and documentation together with Continuum's RMM and NOC jumps partners to that next level of productivity, efficiency and profitability."

Auvik provides instant visibility and control of network infrastructure devices, such as routers, switches and firewalls. Using Auvik, MSPs can slash network troubleshooting time and improve proactive network maintenance.

Thriveon, an IT managed services provider based in Minnesota and a Continuum partner, helped beta test the combined Continuum and Auvik solution before the partnership was announced.

"With the Continuum and Auvik partnership, we now have full command of our clients' environments from one solution," said Jake Bloedow, service delivery manager, Thriveon. "Then adding in the Continuum NOC, which helps us proactively manage our network devices in addition to our servers and desktops, Continuum now has the most complete RMM offering in the industry, allowing us to scale our business in ways that wouldn't be possible without our partnership."

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