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Lexmark Introduces Smart Document Capture for Government

Tuesday, August 29, 2017  
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Lexmark International Inc. has announced the availability of Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government, a solution that leverages the Lexmark smart MFP platform to simplify error-prone and inefficient paper-based processes, driving greater efficiency, constituent satisfaction and security.

"In our years of working with top U.S. federal agencies, as well as with all 50 state governments and many local governments, Lexmark understands the tremendous pressure to provide constituents higher service levels, while making government processes more secure and compliant," said Marty DeGraff, industry director, Lexmark.

"We built Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government to help customers manage and overcome these challenges," DeGraff continued. "The solution provides an on-ramp to converting physical paper into a digital format at the very beginning of a government process. The result is a quicker, more seamless experience that accommodates constituent preferences, adds efficiencies and helps keep information secure."

Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government features capture technology that is fast and simple, allowing users throughout the agency, including remote offices, to transform paper documents into a digital format. Intelligent technology makes it easy to print on demand, capture information from the Lexmark MFP device and identify any missing documents, driving process accuracy and compliance. Seamless integration makes it easy to unite capture processes with existing agency and backend government systems.

Leveraging a Lexmark MFP, Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government can streamline, digitize and simplify information management all across agencies:
  • Process constituent applications with ease: Quickly capture and verify constituent services documents to make faster, more accurate decisions to speed up the approval process.
  • Expand citizen engagement touch points: Enable constituents to begin capture processes in kiosk-enabled MFPs, while providing complete visibility and tracking of the required data to be processed.
  • Onboard constituents with increased speed: Gain the visibility to know exactly which forms have been completed or are still outstanding for faster, more accurate onboarding.
"Our government customers are focused on serving constituents who expect a seamless, omnichannel experience and quick resolution," said Allen Waugerman, senior vice president and CTO, Lexmark. "Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government is the latest addition to a government solutions offering that is designed to automate paper-based processes so agencies can provide faster, more accurate and secure services to their constituents."

The Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government solution is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or can be purchased directly from Lexmark.

In other news, Lexmark International Inc. has announced the availability of Lexmark In-Store Capture for Retail, a solution designed to speed inefficient paper-based processes, keeping store associates on the sales floor interacting with customers.

Lexmark In-Store Capture helps retailers leverage their MFP fleets to simplify and speed up error-prone and inefficient paper-based processes across their stores, such as onboarding, invoicing, receiving and incident reporting.

"While behind-the-scenes paperwork is not the store associate's job, a number of necessary in-store tasks take their attention away from customers," said Matthew Dollus, vice president of global industry solutions, Lexmark. "We developed Lexmark In-Store Capture specifically to help retailers minimize time spent on paperwork and empower associates to focus on first-class customer service on the sales floor."

"In-Store Capture happens at the MFP and touchscreen interface, and is as simple as using an app on a mobile device," Dollus said. "The app walks users through the capture and routing process. Changes and additions can be managed at headquarters and pushed out to all managed MFPs instantly."

The solution can identify all documents required for a new hire, incidents or shipments and present a list of missing documents allowing the store employee to scan missing documents as they are received. Direct integration with most store and back-end retail systems makes Lexmark In-Store Capture an enterprise-ready solution.

Based on 25 years of experience working with retailers, including eight of the 10 top global retailers, Lexmark In-Store Capture bridges the gaps between paper-based processes and their digital systems in human resources, invoicing, receiving and incident management:
  • Onboarding: Each store can scan printed documents from a new hire onboarding packet to a central location, giving HR a more comprehensive view of onboarding activities and eliminating paper-based confidential information at the store.
  • Invoices: Stores can instantly send invoices to the appropriate approver — no more waiting for packets through the mail to process invoices. Digitizing this process also eliminates the need for outsourced data entry, reducing time to process and associated cost.
  • Receiving: Stores can easily track all receiving documentation, providing temporary storage until resolution, as well as the ability to pass the information to an enterprise storage system.
  • Incidents: The solution provides a temporary storage space for incident-related documents, notes, photos and other items, which holds the collection of information until it is transferred to headquarters.
"Retailers continually face new challenges and, consequently, Lexmark is continually developing new solutions to help them succeed," said Allen Waugerman, senior vice president and CTO, Lexmark. "Lexmark In-Store Capture is the latest addition to our retail solutions offering that helps customers more effectively manage signage, processes and printing."

The Lexmark In-Store Capture solution is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or can be purchased directly from Lexmark.

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