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Konica Minolta Launches Global Cloud Printing Service & All Covered in the news

Tuesday, July 28, 2020  
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Konica Minolta Launches Global Cloud Printing Service

Ramsey, New Jersey - July 22, 2020
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. (Konica Minolta), today announced its global Cloud Printing Service, through which it will manage the total print environment of its customers: printers, servers, drivers, applications and network. The service will provide SMB and Enterprise customers with the opportunity to further simplify their operational processes, streamline their businesses and increase overall efficiency. With Cloud Printing, no upfront investment is required for print infrastructure. Customers only pay for services they actually use, helping to significantly reduce print-related costs.

“In these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, freeing up IT resources to allow customers to focus on their core responsibilities is more important than ever,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies. “IT professionals no longer want to manage print servers, drivers or queues. To them it is a necessary evil. Our clients now more than ever are asking for cloud-based print architecture.”

The rapid increase in the technological evolution and complexity of applications and IT solutions means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stay up-to-date with their IT systems. The management of the printing environment through Konica Minolta ensures that this is always up-to-date and meets the latest security standards. No maintenance for servers and print software is needed. Follow-me authentication ensures the secure print and release, print from any device (such as a desktop or mobile phone), and from a wide variety of applications.

Connected to new Universal Print from Microsoft

Konica Minolta will also offer solutions to utilize the new Universal Print from Microsoft. Universal Print is a modern print solution organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. It runs entirely on Microsoft Azure, and when deployed with Universal Print–compatible printers, it does not require any on-premises infrastructure. It can be deployed with non-compatible printers by using Universal Print connector software. Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 subscription-based service.

Konica Minolta's bizhub i-Series MFPs support direct printing through Universal Print. Learn more about the bizhub i-Series online.



Konica Minolta’s IT Services Division Supporting Customers with End-to-end Remote Workforce Offering

Ramsey, New Jersey - July 21, 2020
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. (Konica Minolta), together with its IT Services division, All Covered, today announced the launch of two comprehensive solutions designed to support and enable a remote workforce. The ‘Remote Work’ and ‘Home Assurance’ platforms are designed to equip organizations with the resources, security and processes required to enable a permanent remote workforce. The new packages reinforce Konica Minolta’s status as an innovator in the workplace of the future as it responds to changing market needs by reviewing its technology and molding it to fit the purpose of customers as they navigate the new world of work.

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated digital transformation, evolving our understanding of the workplace. And with new paradigms of work emerging, Konica Minolta recognizes that remote work will become the norm, with 48% of employees reportedly planning to work remotely full-time post-pandemic .

With this, the talented All Covered team has created a ‘Remote Work’ package which combines hardware and solutions to enable the flexibility, collaboration, speed, ease of use and secure access to content that is essential to businesses. The solution bundles the technology employees need to work outside of the office, including laptops, wireless headsets, printers and access to a service desk during business hours.

However, with remote work expected to become more prevalent, experts within Konica Minolta believe this will present new, unforeseen risks and an increase in attempted security breaches, particularly with phishing at an all-time high. Technology will be key to ensure that businesses successfully avoid any pitfalls this new work environment will present. In response to this, the team has also developed the ‘Home Assurance’ package to help customers set up a secure remote work environment to ensure business continuity.

“Ensuring a secure remote workforce is critical to business continuity,” said Glenn Mathis, Vice President, Global Client Services and Solutions, All Covered. “There are increasing risks that must be considered due to home networks being exposed to malware, phishing, ransomware and hackers piggybacking through a VPN to the corporate network.”

Home Assurance offers security for the home office, where a VPN connection may be vulnerable to security gaps. All Covered’s optimized, fully-managed VPN connectivity, paired with multi-layered security best practices ensures business data integrity regardless of where employees may be working.

Remote Work and Home Assurance ensure businesses can operate smoothly with remote workforces by providing technology that is available, productive and protected, no matter where employees are located. For more information, visit Konica Minolta online.



Konica Minolta’s IT Services Division Announces New, Simplified Offering for the SMB Market
Ramsey, New Jersey - July 23, 2020
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. (Konica Minolta), together with its IT Services division, All Covered, a longtime champion of SMBs, today announced the launch of All Covered Assurance (ACA), an all-in-one turnkey IT management services platform. Built to provide intelligent management across the IT landscape, predictively and proactively ensure IT availability at any time and support customers to future-proof their businesses.

With the ambition of ‘assuring businesses can do business,’ ACA was developed following a market research program to uncover best practices to increase SMBs’ ‘uptime.’ The research revealed SMBs rarely prioritize preventative measures to reduce risk and minimize application and services downtime. Leaving these issues unaddressed, implemented as an add-on solution or a one-time project or application inherently creates risk, often resulting in costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction and unplanned IT spend. In response to this, the All Covered Service Team created a new, intelligent and simplified service platform to drastically reduce – or where possible, eliminate - risks within the SMB IT environment.

States Glenn Mathis, Vice President, Global Client Services & Solutions, All Covered, “We’ve always felt that every SMB organization deserves the same level of support and service as any enterprise environment, and for the most part, they have been largely underserved. With ACA, we are able to modernize and uniquely address the needs of an SMB customer, minimizing risk and maximizing value though security led solutions that meet their ever-changing and growing needs.”

ACA has been designed to deliver an approach that ensures continued business productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security with total visibility and governance across the SMB’s IT landscape. Aimed at simplifying IT management, it integrates all the fundamental tools, services and applications in a single intelligent platform to keep businesses running efficiently. To ensure the integration operates optimally, the ACA platform is centered around three main pillars: productivity, security and flexibility.

Productivity: Focused on users being able to work at anytime
Productivity is fostered when the user has the essential support system to work efficiently. Service desk support, application training and complete endpoint management, plus infrastructure availability and readiness through managed backups, server and network monitoring and management and device discovery are all critical to productivity.

Security: A multi-pronged approach
Security starts with defense tools to safeguard users, endpoints, networks and servers. Next comes an offensive strategy with solutions to proactively search for vulnerabilities before attackers do, such as end user awareness training, external vulnerability scanning, infrastructure vulnerability profiling and emerging threats monitoring. ACA also ensures that in the event of a security breach, not only can it restore data through managed backups, but limits the financial impact to businesses with cybersecurity insurance – a one-of-a-kind industry offering.

Flexibility: Focused on user mobility for business agility
ACA makes user mobility a priority, through mobile worker support and infrastructure analysis, enabling businesses to pivot quickly around changing environments.

While ACA provides a comprehensive service platform to meet key SMB needs, complementary add-on packages are also available. This includes hosted collaboration tools such as Office365, voice over IP, app development services for Sharepoint, PowerBI services, website design and customizations. Vertical-specific customization is also possible with add-on solutions such as the Lawyer’s Help Desk, All Covered’s exclusive legal IT support service.

Many services within ACA are new or improved offerings, addressing the challenges and solving critical needs of an IT landscape. ACA puts businesses in control, while driving risk out of the equation, by making sure customers’ IT infrastructures are always on, always available and everywhere, with complete visibility.

Explore ACA on All Covered’s website.

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