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ACDI Introduces Access FileSight

Tuesday, February 16, 2016  
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Access Control Devices Inc. (ACDI) has introduced a brand new search technology product, Access FileSight, to its growing product portfolio. Aimed at addressing the mounting issue of timely document search and retrieval, ACDI's dealer network will now have direct access to FileSight for distribution to its customer base. This comes on the heels of ACDI's announcement that it will begin distributing Presto, a mobile print solution.

Complicated and unproductive document searches have become a mounting problem for many organizations across almost every industry. Statistics point to an unprecedented level of inefficiency and frustration on the part of the average knowledge worker. In fact, the typical corporate user now stores data in six to 12 places, from their archived email to company shared drives to desktops or temporary locations and beyond. This equals, on average, that 15 to 30 percent of an employee's work time is spent looking for information.

FileSight is designed to find and index all documents and data within an organization, whatever the format, structure or location. Businesses across multiple industries can rapidly deploy FileSight and realize immediate value. FileSight is also designed to mitigate any additional IT overhead as no custom coding or complex integration is required. Like PaperCut, FileSight is an agnostic document search tool that works with every brand of copier and scanner.

"Quite simply, you can drop FileSight in anywhere and it'll find data everywhere — on servers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures," said Mark Hart, director of new business/national accounts, ACDI. "This is a turnkey solution that will integrate information from every corner of any enterprise's digital landscape."

With FileSight, all applications are cross-searchable. Plus, FileSight will index all existing documents alongside all newly created data moving forward. With powerful optical character recognition (OCR), FileSight fully indexes previously non-searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, FAX and GIF files, allowing users to search inside scanned documents for the first time.

Addressing a problem commonly found with other search solutions, FileSight users are not required to organize or tag files in advance.

"With FileSight, no special training is needed," said Josh Lane, president, ACDI. "Normal descriptive terms and intuitive keywords easily find needed files. Users can save and then find files anywhere — and even misspell the file name when saving or searching. And they can do this from any device, including PCs, iPads and smartphones."

FileSight's technology ensures enterprise information is instantly and securely accessible — regardless of what it is, where it lives or who needs it. As a result, organizations unleash the power and value of their information, turning it into a true asset instead of a liability.

"For businesses that are ready to deploy their knowledge better, faster and more thoroughly, FileSight is the answer," Hart said.

"The list of benefits that FileSight can provide are infinite," Lane said. "This is a product that will streamline workflows, deliver virtually instantaneous results, accelerate decision making and increase employee productivity, while delivering a return on investment essentially from day one."

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