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Identity Theft & Data Compromise Coverage Solutions
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Identity theft is one of America's fastest-growing crimes. Further, more than 50 percent of U.S. small businesses have had a security breach. Most organizations will experience a personal data breach at some time. Sentry Insurance offers identity recovery and data compromise solutions for you and your business.

Identity Recovery
When someone uses your personal or financial information to commit fraud or other crimes, you are a victim of identity theft. Recovering a stolen identity costs money, but victims report that the emotional toll and time associated with the recovery process are the greatest losses. It's frustrating, confusing and especially inconvenient for a business owner who can't afford to take time or focus away from running his (or her) business.

Identity Recovery coverage provides a range of services and insurance protection designed to assist qualified business owners recover from personal identity theft. Covered expenses include various legal and other out-of-pocket costs associated with the identity restoration process, lost wages and child- and elder-care costs for time taken away from work or away from caring for family members.

Data Compromise
Businesses collect and store personal information about customers, employees and others. A breach in security could compromise this information. Data Compromise coverage can help you comply with legal requirements regarding notification to those affected. It can also help you retain your customers and protect your reputation because customers worried about identity theft may expect more than notification when their personal information has been compromised. They want their identity restored.

Coverage includes reimbursement for the cost of notifying customers, employees and others affected by the breach. It also provides optional specialized services like credit monitoring and identity restoration for those affected.

Sentry also offers Data Compromise Defense and Liability coverage for defense and settlement costs in the event that "affected individuals" sue you.

Visit the sites below that help explain the laws that require notification in the instance of a data breach:

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