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Grand Slam 2019 Educational Sessions
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Keynote Address

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Joining the Conversation
Chris Messina, technologist & inventor of the hashtag

The hashtag's humble origins belie its powerful utility to galvanize conversations in today's crowded social media landscape. Its history also offers insights into the rise of social technology and social media's growing importance in driving consumers and brands to connect, learn about each other and transact business. In this keynote address, learn about how to succeed with social media today by building out an authentic and engaging presence, as well as how social technology is evolving thanks to the growing popularity of voice technology and artificial intelligence.

Messina has spent a decade living on the edge of social technology. He has designed products and experiences for Google and Uber, founded startups and changed the world by giving away many of his creations, including the hashtag. Messina's skill set is broad, anchored in product and user experience design. Most recently, he was lead developer of experience at Uber and co-founded Molly, a conversational social AI. Messina has created movements online and off, and has acted as an agent of change in large and small organizations. In 2004, he helped organize the grassroots movement that propelled Mozilla Firefox to its first 100 million downloads. In 2005, Messina co-organized the first BarCamp and then popularized the unconference event model to more than 350 cities around the world. In 2006, he opened the first dedicated coworking space in San Francisco, California, giving rise to a global movement. Then, in 2007, Messina brought the idea of the hashtag to Twitter, changing social media forever and galvanizing social revolutions around the globe. He has spoken at conferences like SXSW, Web 2.0 Expo, Google I/O, and Microsoft's Future Decoded, and has frequently been quoted in media outlets like The New York Times, Business Week, LA Times, Washington Post and Wired.

Dealer Panel

How Dealers are Growing Net-New Business
Moderated by Darrell Amy, founder & chief innovation officer, Convergo

We all have a tremendous opportunity to grow revenue in today's marketplace. However, in today's noisy marketplace it can be more difficult than ever to get attention. In this dealer panel, you will discover a full model for revenue growth and learn how three different dealers are driving net-new business in hardware, managed services and solutions.

Amy is a trailblazer helping great companies grow revenue. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the channel, he works with dealers and OEMs to develop programs to drive net-new sales and cross-sell their current client base. He is the founder of and chief innovation officer at Convergo, leading a team of marketing and sales enablement professionals who help dealers grow. Amy also co-hosts the "Selling From the Heart Podcast" with Larry Levine. This fall, he is releasing the book, "Revenue Growth Engine."


Robert Hilyard is CEO of Hilyard's Business Solutions, Wilmington, Delaware. The company was founded in 1959 by his father, Charles Hilyard, and it is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Hilyard purchased the company from his father in 2008 and has grown it from a $3-million company to an $8-million company. He and his wife Susan, president of Hilyard’s, have two sons, Michael and Charles, who also work in the company. Robert and Susan are currently working to transition the daily business to them over the next five to 10 years. The company is growing thanks to its acquisition of a telecommunications company, opening an additional office as a startup in Hilyard's southern territory, and the acquisition of a local Canon dealership to increase its territory coverage and MIF in that southern territory. Hilyard's is looking to grow further through acquisitions in the years to come. The company currently sells Sharp, Canon and Xerox copier/MFPs, NEC and Star2Star telecommunications products, and Kip and Canon wide format products. Hilyard's has started to establish and train a production sales team with Xerox over the last six months, allowing it to bid accounts and take over existing accounts in its territory in the production space. The company has been awarded the Edward M. Rush award for ethics in business by the BBB, the Family-Owned Business Award by Delaware Today Magazine and has been named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Delaware for 2019.

Samantha Lahey is a content creator and digital marketing professional at Benchmark Business Solutions, the largest Xerox Platinum Dealer in Texas and New Mexico. Previously, she worked as a marketing specialist for an international nonprofit humanitarian aid organization. Lahey holds a degree in electronic media and communications from Texas Tech University.

Harry Spaight is sales director at HGi Technologies, Miami, Florida. He has 20-plus years in the office technology industry. Spaight started out with a dealership in Connecticut that was acquired by Global Imaging, then moved to another Global Imaging company in the Washington, D.C., area that was acquired by Xerox. After four years specializing in color and production, he moved on to sales leadership, starting as a selling supervisor and then moving to manager and vice president of sales in markets as diverse as Washington, D.C., and Miami, Florida. Spaight is continually looking for ways to improve and to be better as a leader and a developer of people while growing the business.

Additional panelists to be announced.

Educational Sessions

The Crucial Role of Sales & Marketing Alignment to Your Dealership's Future
Lindsay Bohon, vice president & managing director of sales, & Josie Heskje, strategic marketing director, Office Equipment Group, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp.

Today's buyers are going online and ending up at more than 70% through the decision process before they even speak to a member of your sales team. This has required marketing to step up and assist, playing a larger role in the buying/sales process than ever before. It is also requiring sales and marketing teams to think, communicate and interact differently to be successful. In this presentation, Bohon and Heskje will share their observations, experience and perspective on the importance of sales and marketing alignment for today's dealers and offer concrete steps to move toward better alignment.

Bohon, vice president and managing director of sales, works with all sales leaders to establish consistency and continuity in the Office Equipment Group. She also oversees national account programs for this group. Bohon has been involved with lease financing since 1999. Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 2005, she held several sales and marketing positions at GE Capital. Bohon received multiple company awards including Appreciation and Excellence certificates, as well as Six Sigma designations. She joined GreatAmerica as a regional account manager for the Southwest region.

Heskje is director of strategic marketing for the Office Equipment Group at GreatAmerica Financial Services. Using more than 20 years of marketing experience, she helps guide the strategic marketing direction of the group and is responsible for the marketing, and public relations planning and execution. Heskje is also the current marketing and communications chair of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) and was awarded a 2018 Global MPSA MPS Leadership Award for "Outstanding MPS Contribution" for an individual. She was also named an industry "Difference Maker" in ENX Magazine in both 2015 and 2017.

Vendors Find the Urge to Merge Irresistible
Charlie Brewer, president & founder, Actionable Intelligence

With so much overcapacity across the office technology industry, many of the leading companies have either merged or been acquired. More M&A activity is all but certain. This session will look at all the mergers the industry has witnessed over the past few years and evaluate how the newly wedded companies will perform, as well as speculate what firms will be the next to head to the altar.

Brewer is president and founder of Actionable Intelligence. With 25 years covering technology, he was previously an editor for Inc. Magazine and ComputerWorld, and managing editor of The Hard Copy Supplies Journal, a monthly newsletter on digital imaging consumables published by Lyra Research. Brewer's firm, Actionable Intelligence, launched its flagship website in 2011, and it is the destination site for news and analysis related to the hardware and consumables markets. Hundreds of thousands of users have visited the site, which now features more than 4,200 posts. Brewer is a popular industry speaker and presents regularly at various events in China, Europe and North America.

Coaching for Results
Brad Roderick, executive vice president & chief revenue officer, TonerCycle/InkCycle

No professional sports team will take the field without ongoing coaching. The world's top-performing entertainers would never think of stepping on stage without enlisting the advice, training and development that comes from coaching. And, yet, in the greatest and most competitive game on the planet — sales — coaching is frequently inconsistent and ineffective, if done at all. A quick glance at the time allocated to coaching on any rep's or sales manager's calendar often tells the tale. But it is not their fault. Many sales managers lack the time, the skills and the framework to move from simple oversight to "coaching for results." In this session, you will learn the foundational components of creating your own coaching culture — a culture that improves win rates, reduces employee turnover, maximizes the value of each rep and brings new hires up to speed more quickly.

Roderick is an expert in revenue production. He is executive vice president and chief revenue officer for TonerCycle/InkCycle, where Roderick has been a partner for 17 years. He is a sales producer, coach, sought-after speaker and award-winning author. Roderick's passion is helping companies, sales teams and individual salespeople produce greater revenue with integrity and humanity. An accomplished corporate growth strategist, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable enterprise growth in the B2B imaging technology sector. Roderick's achievements have been featured in The Imaging Channel, The Imaging Spectrum, Recharger Magazine, Recycler, Recycling Times, Lyra's Hard Copy Supplies Journal and other business media.

Highlights from the BPO Research Dealer Survey
John McIntyre, senior analyst, BPO Media

Hear the latest research insights from BPO Media & Research as McIntyre unveils the results of the latest dealer survey along with insightful analysis. This session will dive into the profiles of the dealerships that are growing clicks and leveraging software to solve evolving user document problems — and McIntyre will also take a look at the demographics of the dealers being left behind. The presentation will cover what dealers say critical end-user needs are and examine their opinions on how they expect the industry to evolve in the next few years, including if they are planning to buy — or be acquired.

McIntyre serves as a senior analyst for BPO Media. With more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry as an analyst, product developer, strategist, marketer and researcher, he has covered the printing and supplies sectors for prominent market research firms such as Lyra Research, InfoTrends and BIS Strategic Decisions. McIntyre has also served with major OEMs such as Samsung, NEC and Diablo Systems/Xerox. He is the former managing editor of Lyra's Hard Copy Supplies Journal and has conducted research and consulting engagements examining issues such as market and business strategies, product positioning, distribution channels, supplies marketing and the impact of emerging technologies.

Brian Suerth, president, Technology Assurance Group

Current events in business, government and politics have brought cybersecurity front and center in the minds of most people. Protecting your customers’ networks must be an initiative in your managed IT services business. You are at risk of losing your customers' business if you are not providing cybersecurity. During this session, you will learn the layers of cybersecurity, the types of solutions that must be offered in your portfolio, and how to present their value to customers to maximize your profitability on a recurring revenue model.

Suerth is president of Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an organization of leading managed technology services providers (MTSPs) in North America representing $350 million in products and services. As president of TAG, he is responsible for directing the company's executive team in its pursuit of ever-improving advice, support and counseling in the technology arena and the expansion of TAG's membership and strategic relationships. Suerth drives the growth and performance of TAG members by delivering in-depth training and consultation in the areas of management, sales, strategic planning, marketing and public relations. During his time at TAG, Suerth has rapidly risen to national notoriety as a sales and motivational speaker. Prior to joining the organization, he was the marketing manager for Aradiant Corp. Suerth spent several years as a consultant with AC Nielsen and he led a variety of teams that provided research, analysis and advice to Fortune 500 companies including Kraft Foods and Quaker Oats. Suerth has written numerous articles that have appeared in national and regional publications. He is a sought-after speaker, delivering presentations on technology, managed IT and cloud services, and best business practices at vendor dealer meetings and industry conferences. In 2009, the San Diego Metropolitan Magazine featured Suerth in its September issue and named him one of San Diego's "40 Under 40." He received his executive MBA from San Diego State University and a bachelor's degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing from Marquette University. Suerth has participated on advisory boards for technology manufacturers and he was formerly the chairman of San Diego State University's executive MBA advisory board and president of the alumni association.

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