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ProFinance 2.0 Testimonials
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Following are additional testimonials for ProFinance 2.0.

"The presentation of the materials and the ease of how the class flowed was enjoyable and engaging. Great real-life experiences and the sharing of information was very meaningful."
— Dawn Cockrell, Advanced Office, Santa Ana, California

"Great information! I came in feeling overwhelmed at our business, but I am leaving knowing we are on the right track. We need more people to continue to grow and we need to follow the model. Thank you!"
— Tricia Sanchez, C3 Technology Services, Santa Ana, California

"Great course! It will really help me to think about the right actions to take in growing my dealer business and how to diagnose problems as they arise."
— Colin McTernan, Premier Office Systems Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada

"I really enjoyed the content as well as the discussions. There are several items we will take back and use."
— Jon Fehrman, Advanced Office, Santa Ana, California

"ProFinance is a well-rounded workshop. It covers financial information as well as management and company culture."
— Clara Nader, Blue Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio

"This was my first ProFinance class, so it was extremely helpful to me and will be vital moving forward. Great job!"
— Tyler Grigsby, Fisher's Technology, Boise, Idaho

"The background and experiences Todd and John possess make this workshop well worth the time and travel. I most enjoyed hearing their stories of personal and professional challenges and failures, along with their accomplishments. I enjoyed the workshop very much and benefited greatly."
— John Marotte, Automated Business Solutions, Warwick, Rhode Island

"Excellent class! The tools provided to evaluate your business are invaluable and can truly redirect the efforts of executive-level management in the right direction."
— Jennifer Crane, American Business Machines Inc., Houston, Texas

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and felt that I learned something from every section. However, the financial model was key. I wish I had done this sooner."
— Jeff Grimes, Graffen Business Systems Inc., Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

"The workshop provided me with greater insight and a better understanding of the financial benchmark tool. This will help me make better decisions as a manager to help our company meet our goals. I felt that John Hey and Todd Johnson did an excellent job presenting the material and showed their exceptional knowledge of our industry."
— John Welch, Southwest Office Systems Inc., Dallas, Texas

"The financial model was great and the general industry knowledge was invaluable. This workshop gave me a great opportunity to find what is working and not working. The industry insight was excellent."
— Jeremy Lee, Edge Business Systems LLC, Roswell, Georgia

"This class brought benchmarks and financial information, coupled with thought-provoking information on how we operate currently. It is a great tool to evaluate our current structure, procedure and offerings."
— Donna Nabors, Southwest Office Systems Inc., Dallas, Texas

"Brilliant! Marvelous! Stupendous! For two years, I've searched for a tool to rate my company's performance. I needed one that has benchmarks, a clear growth path and could be 'tuned' to my dealership. BTA's ProFinance course is a solid tool and an easy-to-understand framework for getting a dealership into shape."
— Sheldon Michaels, Southern Office Machines, Marietta, Georgia

"It was very good to get a perspective on the various opportunities: MPS, MFPs, IT, etc., and their relative value."
— Bill Dempsey, H L Dempsey Co. Inc., West Springfield, Massachusetts

"All my objectives were met and the spreadsheets given by Todd will help us with our management/president's monthly presentation."
— John Meehan, A & A Office Systems, Middletown, Connecticut

"What was most important to me was I knew I was listening to people who truly lived what they were explaining. That was very important to me."
— Bob Smith, A & A Office Systems Inc., Middletown, Connecticut

"This course was very well done. The presenters were obviously knowledgeable and knew their material; they presented it flawlessly. Great job!"
— Scott Benson, Toshiba Business Solutions, Rochester, New York

"After working for a company that has implemented this model, I have an extreme appreciation for it and the culture and integrity that it brings to the business. Well done!"
— Cyndi Orner, Fisher's Document Systems, Boise, Idaho

"In my short six years in this industry, this was probably one of the most beneficial sessions I have ever attended. Todd and John both did great and their information was invaluable. Thanks again."
— Gene Daniel, R.K. Black Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"ProFinance is an essential part of any forward-thinking dealer's management and leadership. John Hey continues to be a solid part of BTA's educational offerings. Todd Johnson is an excellent addition to the team."
— Ronelle Ingram, FIX: Cost Management for Service instructor, Santa Ana, California

"As a newcomer to the copier business, I found this workshop very informative and enjoyed the interaction with other companies, hearing their challenges."
— Carmella Sieckmann, Copier Fax Business Technologies Inc., Buffalo, New York

"Both speakers are great in their knowledge and presentation skills. I was captivated the whole time with information they provided and the classroom interaction."
— Lesa Yap, Sims Business Systems Inc., Tempe, Arizona

"If you are an equipment dealer, you need to understand the model. Even if you don't implement it, you need to understand it for baseline purposes."
— Daniel Bombard, Yuma Office Equipment, Yuma, Arizona

"Great seminar, great content and great job! I look forward to implementing some of what I learned."
— John Bergantino, Automated Business Solutions, Warwick, Rhode Island

"Great class! I feel well equipped to manage and strategize on our growth."
— Ric Duerr, Edge Business Systems LLC, Roswell, Georgia

"This is an excellent course. I can't think of a better way to describe the copier industry and management best practices for any company in any industry. With an accounting and admin background, it was very helpful to learn about the sales and service performance metrics and industry trends. I have a much greater overall understanding of our complete business process."
— Nathan Dibbern, Stargel Office Solutions, Houston, Texas

"This is the best class I have ever attended, and I have been to many."
— Jeanie Lucier, Repeat Business Systems, Albany, New York

"I came expecting a class about the numbers. What I got was a comprehensive class on the strategies on how to use those numbers. This is a very good class."
— Ellen McIlhenny, Cobb Technologies, Richmond, Virginia

"Recommended to anyone who wants to improve."
— Dennis Bednar, Meritech Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

"I have attended ProFinance several times since 2001, most recently in 2011. The model has helped us move from 3 percent profitability to more than 13 percent within two years, and has assisted us in keeping the profitability up, even when markets were down. The industry has changed and the Hanson-Hey model has kept up with these changes, which shows the understanding they have of the industry. I trust their insights."
— Robert Golowenski, Summit Business Systems, Edmond, Oklahoma

"As a small dealership, the model will serve as a target for us to use for growth. The interaction between others in the class and the instructors was extremely beneficial."
— Michael DelBorrello, ISP Office Solutions LLC, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"We should have made the commitment to invest in this class years ago. It's more than a financial model, but a framework for continual improvement. I'm excited to put this to use."
— Gary Thomas, Thomas Office Machines, Muncie, Indiana

"This was my second time through [ProFinance]. We benchmark these with our senior management team every month. I can't imagine trying to manage an imaging business without these tools."
— Ken Vance, Oklahoma Office Systems LLC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Overall this workshop was very informative and well worth the expense and time. We are currently in a growth phase and have seen increased revenues over the last few years at a double-digit rate. However, profits have not followed. I can already see some things we need to pay attention to. This is going to be a great tool to get us to the next level."
— Ben Nelson, Liberty Business Systems, Fargo, North Dakota

"I enjoyed the workshop. The refresher was greatly appreciated. It brought the focus back into view. Although I use the model monthly, it is always nice to be able to openly discuss the model with people who are as excited as I am about 'a bunch of numbers.'"
— Rhonda Stagg, Stargel Office Solutions, Houston, Texas

"It was very helpful to hear the struggles and experiences of other companies in our industry. John also had so many great ideas and strategies on growing our business. Everything was outlined really well in the course material and the course provided great leadership as to what next steps we should take for growth."
— Mallory Lopez, Barlop Inc., Miami, Florida

"I congratulate both Johns on how well-prepared, knowledgeable and understanding they were about how to transmit the course material to us."
— Jose Lopez, Barlop Inc., Miami, Florida

"This was my second time at ProFinance, and it was much more thorough and helped me see topics I missed before. Going once is never enough because of the information that is shared, as well as the ever-changing industry."
— Monica Abair, U.S. Business Systems, Elkhart, Indiana

"[This course] was very beneficial in providing a road map for improving a business."
— Chris Lindsay, Innovolt Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

"John Hey and John Hanson bring an incredible amount of experience and expertise to help dealers to improve the profitability of their businesses. This is my second time to the class and I learned a great deal of new information and recommend ProFinance to all dealers looking to grow."
— Todd Fitzsimons, Network Imaging LLC, Southington, Connecticut

"I had a great time here. Better than expected. I learned a tremendous amount of what I thought I knew and didn't. Thanks."
— Jim Donnellon, ABS Business Products, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Well worth the investment of time in my opinion. Good job!"
— Gordon Stapleton, Quality Digital Office Solutions Inc., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"This is the best class I've been to in a while. Excellent."
— Lonnie Gordon, Hendrix Business Systems Inc., Matthews, North Carolina

"The Model is very useful. I will use it more strategically for developing a plan for next year. In addition, I will use it for potential acquisitions."
— Duke Schlagenhaft, E O Johnson Office Technologies, Wausau, Wisconsin

"Every dealer should go to this seminar twice. The Johns know the business. Great work."
— Matt Drake, Office Works, Victorville, California

"We now know 'what good looks like' and it is a starting point for us to manage our business in a more effective manner and plan future growth."
— David Goss, Indiana Business Equipment, Terre Haute, Indiana

"Everything was great and very useful. This was my first workshop, so it was very informative."
— Tedra Solis, BizDoc, San Antonio, Texas

"I had been introduced to the financial model in the past, but never actually used it. So I really benefited from the exercise and can't wait to return and plug in our numbers. I believe this investment of two days, and the implementation of the ideas shared, will dramatically change the rest of my life. Thank you."
— Ray Derstine, Altek Business Systems, Telford, Pennsylvania

"This course refocused me on elements of modeling and benchmarking that I already knew and introduced me to some thoughts and concepts that will give me another perspective on growing our business."
— Sean Stoddard, Electronic Office Systems, Fairfield, New Jersey

"I found all of the class information very helpful and informative. I would advise everyone to attend. I believe attending this once a year would prove to be valuable to the business as well as to myself and all managers and employers I can share this with."
— Monica Abair, U.S. Business Systems, Elkhart, Indiana

"As a small dealer, I contemplated what I could take away from this course, thinking it was geared to larger dealers. I found everything to be helpful and look forward to seeing how my business compares to the benchmarks and where and how I can improve and grow."
— John Bruno, Alpha Imaging, Newington, Connecticut

"This was extremely helpful to me. Coming from a totally different industry, this ProFinance seminar connected all of the dots for me and gave me some confidence moving forward in this industry."
— Andrea Garcia, Kelley Imaging, Kent, Washington

"This class is by far the most meaningful training I have had to give the tools to measure the company and steer us toward future growth and sustainability. Great job! Thank you!"
— Julie Warner, Digital Copy Systems, Peoria, Illinois

"My owner has bragged on this seminar for the last year since he went to it. Now that I have the information as well as he does, we will begin implementing practices as soon as possible, with as little disruption as possible. John and John are great trainers and make it fun to learn what can be dry information."
— Debbie Howes, Digital Business Machines, Nashville, Tennessee

"The model helped me to understand my client's business better, and how to help them evaluate their financials. It will help us set up their accounts to provide more meaningful information."
— Lisa Bloomer, Copynet Office, Systems Inc., Plano, Texas

"Very good course. It was well worth my time and the company's money to attend."
— Jim Brown, Dictronics, Needham, Massachusetts

"This is a very useful seminar. Any business or dealership can use the benchmarks to help improve their profits, organization and purpose of their dealership. Learn it, put it to work, monitor it. It will pay off greatly."
— Tony Pezeshkian, Summit Business Systems Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Wow, these guys over-delivered! I came expecting a financial review or process. I got an extreme makeover of ideas about our business! John and John put a great package together. I came to better understand the model, but got so many management and implementation tips that I feel will be able to take our company to the next level. I will strongly recommend any owner I meet to attend this seminar and I look forward to my next meeting with John and John."
— Wayne Cernie, BSA Business Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona

"I believe it was time well-spent to reflect and redirect where we are and what we have to do to make our journey a successful one."
— D.J. Hastings, Hogland Office Equipment, Lubbock, Texas

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this learning experience. Thanks to you both for a wonderful experience."
— Lisa Phares, Nevada Office Machines, Reno, Nevada

"Very good material. I'm looking forward to implementing the model and seeing how it affects our bottom line."
— Kimberly Messer, Rhyme Business Products, Portage, Wisconsin

"This is the best business meeting I have ever attended."
— John Frisch, Higher Information Group, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"This was a very informative seminar, very well presented."
— Dave Brady, Rhyme Business Product, Portage, Wisconsin

"Hey and Hanson continue to provide thought-provoking insight into an industry that is constantly changing."
— Allen Grenz, OASYS Inc., Burlington, Washington

"Overall I found the class to be informative and insightful. I found a method to keep score and understand better how to work at becoming more profitable. I really didn't know how to determine what I was doing wrong and work toward fixing it. Now I have a road map."
— Jerry Allen, Metro Business Systems, Forestville, Maryland

"Over the last two to three years, we have implemented these ideas and model and it has clearly changed and drove our business to a solid and more optimistic phase. We had the best interests of our clients and employees, but needed a road map to effectively negotiate our future."
— Dawn Abbhul, Repeat Business Systems, Albany, New York

"John Hey and John Hanson both have a firm grasp of the information and did a nice job presenting. I would recommend this class to anyone in the industry."
— Scott Shanafelt, Da-Com Corp., St. Louis, Missouri

"You leave feeling like you can do anything. You leave excited about going back to work with new knowledge and understanding. You leave feeling invigorated about your job and motivating your team."
— Michelle Daniel, United Office Systems, Marietta, Georgia

"I thought it was a great class. Everything was of value to me. As an outsider, it was great discussing the model and how to apply it in my client's business."
— Jennifer Schoffner, Technocom Business Systems, Matthews, North Carolina

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