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Spring Break 2020 Educational Sessions
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Keynote Address

Lead Your Evolution
Judson Laipply, motivational speaker & dancer who created the "Evolution of Dance" viral video

Everything changes, but not everything evolves. In this keynote address, join Laipply, an inspirational comedian, as he makes you laugh and makes you think. Learn how to embrace the greatest power we have to influence our own lives, as well as lead your organization's evolution. Remain focused on what you have control over and help increase your productivity, decrease your stress and lead your evolution.

Laipply is an enigma wrapped in an anomaly contained inside a quandary. Combining comedy and content, laughter and learning, and energy and engagement, he gives his audiences both instant joy and lasting impact. Laipply has been featured on the Today Show, Ellen, Oprah, Good Morning America and more. He is the world's first YouTube celebrity and his finale, "The Evolution of Dance," has more than a billion views. Laipply has been speaking and performing for more than 20 years and has been all around the globe. He is also an Ironman triathlete, terrible singer and reformed Kool-Aid eater.

Educational Sessions

Selling From the Heart — How Your Authentic Self Sells You
Larry Levine, author, sales strategist, sales improvement coach, net-new business promoter & public speaker, Selling From the Heart

In today's noisy market full of skeptical buyers, getting attention with prospects, creating competitive advantage and earning client loyalty takes a new approach. Sales skills are important, as they teach how to approach clients, but the real challenge is that sales reps struggle with what to say. It is like you have well-dressed salespeople with little substance inside — what Levine refers to as "Empty-Suit Syndrome."

Sales has changed in the last 30 years. Gone are the days of manipulative and pushy salespeople who rely on charm to get sales. In this session, Levine will share why "selling from the heart" is the new economy where relationships matter and old-school techniques just do not work anymore. Relationships are what will fuel the sales funnel, allowing you to reach your sales goals. Empowering your team members to bring the best versions of themselves to their clients and prospects is a must. Nurture and empower authenticity within your culture to help your team drive better results. Levine will show you how not to only be yourself, but how to be your best self and succeed.

With 29 years of in-the-field sales experience in the office technology industry, Levine knows what it takes to be successful. He has successfully sold copier/MFPs, document management and managed services to customers ranging from up-and-down the street accounts to Fortune 500 companies. After a conversation with a current customer about LinkedIn, Levine became fascinated with this emerging network of businesspeople. He started experimenting with LinkedIn in his copier/MFP sales process. During this time, Levine learned from trial and error what works and what does not. In the fall of 2013, he became a major account rep for a Japanese OEM in Los Angeles, California, one of the most competitive markets in the world. Levine walked into a zero-base territory with no MIF to flip, and using his LinkedIn sales strategies, booked $1.3 million in hardware sales in 2014 and left behind a $1.6-million pipeline for the next rep to develop. He now coaches office technology salespeople to do what he did. Since 2015, Levine has coached both quota-busting tenured reps and green millennials just beginning their careers. Both appreciate the practical nature of his coaching.

Business Social Media in 2020: What's Changing How You Can Use It to Grow Your Dealership
Darrell Amy, founder & chief innovation officer, Convergo

Now that most social media platforms are more than 20 years old and the majority of adults use social media in their daily lives, there is no doubt that social has become a mainstream way to communicate in our culture. Social has a direct impact on your business — whether you like it or not. In this session, you will learn how social media is changing both the buying process and customer expectations. You will leave with practical action items you can put to work to grow sales and protect your base.

Darrell Amy is the author of "Revenue Growth Engine," a book helping companies remove the roadblocks to growth. He is a catalyst behind the Growth For Good movement, challenging 10,000 businesses to double revenue and commit to giving a total of $1 billion in non-profit donations from their revenue growth. Amy is the founder of Convergo, a marketing and sales enablement partner helping technology companies grow. He co-hosts the popular "Selling From the Heart Podcast" with Larry Levine.

Purposeful Prospecting & Your Sales Legacy
Dale Dupree, leader & founder, The Sales Rebellion

In this session, Dupree will be telling the tale of his journey from working in his father's small copier/MFP firm to becoming the "Legendary Copier Warrior" and all the adventures along the way. He will focus on understanding the heart of sales, the importance of thinking outside the box in your approach to the market, personal branding, and empowering your community with the choice they deserve and not the "copier/MFP guy/gal" they end up settling with. Dupree will look at sales as a lifestyle, the principles of wandering your territory and keeping curiosity at the forefront of your outreach.

Dupree is more commonly known as The Copier Warrior and is the appointed leader and founder of The Sales Rebellion. He has a sales background that dates back to his childhood, as Dupree was raised wandering the halls of his father's business. He has been a full-time sales professional for 13-plus years. Dupree now provides sales training and development through his firm, The Sales Rebellion (founded on March 1, 2019), which challenges the mediocre walk of the status quo. He is audacious with his outreach, intentional in his sales walk and driven to create a community of sales professionals that cause undeniable curiosity, putting people before products and community before commission checks.

Preparing for the Future
Ken Edmonds, veteran service manager & coach,

In this session, Edmonds will cover the current state of the copier/MFP industry and draw a comparison with the typewriter businesses of the past. He will look at the main forces affecting the industry today, including M/A activity, declining print volumes, and the increasing competition in the A4 space and the impact it may have. Edmonds will review the challenges in the workforce and what will have to be addressed moving forward. He will also share some suggestions on how dealers can protect themselves now.

Edmonds has owned a Toshiba dealership, served as a service manager in several dealerships and spent 16 years with manufacturers as a district service manager. He has written extensively about the industry and the challenges it faces. Edmonds currently teaches the BTA Service Success Training program, BTA Service Troubleshooting Training, and is developing an advanced service management course. His educational background includes ProFinance, FIX: Cost Management for Service, Service Mangers Achieve Success Through Training (SMART), and training as an instructor through the University of Wisconsin. Edmonds is a noted public speaker and a contributor to ENX Magazine, The Imaging Channel and BTA's Office Technology magazine.

Things to Consider When Creating a Flat-Rate Billing Program
Kim Louden, vice president of sales, Office Equipment Group, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp.

Seat-based billing (SBB) and other flat-rate models for managed print are taking the office equipment world by storm and you owe it to your business to learn whether it is right for you. In this session, you will learn how to use SBB for managed print to win more deals, capture greater margins and engage more net-new customers.

Louden, vice president of sales for the Office Equipment Group, is responsible for providing unified, strategic leadership for the sales processes in the Office Equipment Group's field sales teams. Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 1996, she worked in the lease financing sector since 1991. Louden has performed a number of roles across several different functions at GreatAmerica, including credit, sales and as a team leader. She serves on the Standards and Best Practices Committee for the MPSA and was recently recognized by ENX as a 2016 Difference Maker. Louden earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

Recruitment & Selection
Larry Coco, president, Coco Training & Coaching LLC

A key to consistent growth is attracting quality sales talent, and the challenge has never been greater than in today's marke. We all need good people and that requires both a plan and a repeatable process. In this session, Coco will share industry best practices, including the value of a full staff, building a "people bank," locating high-quality professionals, the interview process and tools, behavioral interviewing techniques, the power of assessments, and an evaluation report leading to better decisions. In short, it is about inspiring the right individuals to want your job opportunities.

Coco is an accomplished senior-level executive with a strong track record of success in sales, management, marketing and training. For the past 35 years, he has focused his career in the document management arena, working for dealers and direct branches. Coco's ability to develop people and companies has been the hallmark of his career. He is highly experienced in the formation of strategic plans and skilled in the areas of creating and driving key processes to achieve improved results. In addition, Coco understands the value of people when building high-performance, elite teams. Prior to opening his company in 2008, he held a wide range of positions at Ricoh Corp., including leadership of various committees and special projects. Examples include the Malcolm Baldridge Committee for Excellence, the Sales Development Training Program, the Sales Manager Development Program, the Ricoh Six-Step Sales Process, new hire orientation programs and presenting balanced scorecard objectives to the senior executive team. Prior to that, Coco spent 13 years at a Sharp dealership. He was most proud when he presented and won the International Ricoh Co. Ltd. Best Practice Award, representing Ricoh U.S. for the Sales Development Training Program geared to maintaining high productivity and substantially reducing sales turnover. It was the first time the U.S. has ever won this prestigious award. Coco added a quickly expanding recruiting division four-plus years ago, and today works with small, medium and large businesses growing sales operations.

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