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BTA Sales Management Workshop Testimonials

Following are additional testimonials for the BTA Sales Management workshop.

"Being new to the manager role, this workshop opened my eyes and provided me with how a person should be managed. This was a high-energy course that was filled with ideas I can bring to my company."
Margaret Sholl, Advanced Business Machines, Rockford, Ill.

"This course was very beneficial. It is a tall order to break down your current culture procedures and methodologies. This course will help me provide a roadmap to do it. The industry is changing and my company recognizes the need to change. Tom's workshop will not only provide a roadmap for assisting my team, but it also gave me a great list of walk-aways to enhance the things we're already doing well."
Eric Kennedy, Martin Whalen Office Solutions Inc., Tinley Park, Ill.

"The program provided good detail, allowing easy implementation of the management practices."
Vick Meredith, BizDoc Inc., San Marcos, Texas

"I always approach training seminars/classes with a willingness to learn and improve. I was thrilled with Tom Callinan's command of what needs to be done to develop, improve and increase our business. David Ramos' willingness to help is genuinely recognized. My applause."
Kris Durchholz, CBI Inc., Lansing, Mich.

"Strategy Development provides the most comprehensive start-to-finish class for a sales manager to build, drive and maintain a successful sales force. Ed Carroll was outstanding in his presentation and winning approach to making this a must-do/must-have road to achieving long-term success as a sales manager and as a successful, profitable organization. It was a pleasure to attend."
Jim Donnellon, ABS Business Products, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I believe this course is essential for all sales management. The concept of managing risk, both from recruitment to coaching/leadership, is the core of what we do daily. Great course."
Darrell Tucker, Modern Office Methods, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Great workshop! It was a straightforward, easy-to-understand approach to MPS. They give you the tools needed to implement a profitable MPS program. Thank you Strategy Development!"
Jackson Jordan, Advantage Business Systems, Jackson, Miss.

"The workshop put in perspective that we need to run our small business like a business — not a family, or a locally-owned hobby. There are many processes we are not doing that could be much more positive for everyone."
Ryan Birk, Data Comm Inc., Jefferson City, Mo.

"This course has opened my eyes in several key areas — recruiting to benchmarking. Strategy Development brought a fresh and exciting perspective to some of the most important areas in our industry. I would recommend this class highly."
Mike Shettler, Advanced Imaging Solutions Inc., South Bend, Ind.

"The Sales Management course was well worth the investment in time and money. It was not the same old methods addressed as new. I appreciate that it really was interactive in small workgroups."
Patt Addeo, MT Business Technologies, Mansfield, Ohio

"Thank you for an exciting two days! You and David did a spectacular job of providing us with a process that can help to develop our team and increase our market shares. I believe these programs can drastically change the way we approach territory management. I enjoyed the class and would have no hesitation in committing to additional training to clarify and re-enforce the concepts provided. As a new manager I am constantly trying to find resources for establishing a proven process that can be replicated each and every time with predictable success. This will go a long way to helping with that!"
Russ Kromminga, MT Business Technologies, Mansfield, Ohio

"If you only use 10 percent of this information you will increase your sales. The M.I.F. information was one of the most important pieces of information I received. I do plan on using the majority of this information to put into practice to develop our salespeople."
Chris Kindred, MT Business Technologies, Mansfield, Ohio

"Excellent management course — I would recommend it for any sales entity. I feel that it should help managers and sales reps focus on leverage."
Tom Jennings, Office Business Systems, Lincoln Park, N.J.

"The entire program was beneficial. It has been a long time since I've been to a sales management training, so this has brought me new ideas, sparked old ideas and has given me excitement to put the plans in place."
Stacie Hoover, Higher Information Group, Harrisburg, Pa.

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