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Guidelines for Fraudulent Telemarketers
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Have you been solicited for office supplies by telephone only then to receive merchandise that was not from your original supplier?

Have you received office supplies at inflated prices or that did not meet your expectations?

Don't be embarrassed! You are not alone. Fraudulent telemarketers are sometimes referred to as "Toner Phoners" or "Paper Pirates." Victims of telemarketing fraud include: local, state and federal government agencies, charitable organizations, family-owned businesses, churches, schools and multi-million dollar corporations. Anyone who answers a phone is a potential victim.

Many legitimate telemarketing companies offer good products at fair prices. Unfortunately, there are many others who are not legitimate. Some fraudulent operations misrepresent the quality, quantity and price of office supplies while posing as an end-user's regular supplier. If you receive goods that were not sent by your regular supplier, do not meet your expectations or are at an inflated price, you should:

(1) Contact BTA:

BTA Member Services
12411 Wornall Road, Ste. 200
Kansas City, MO 64145
Phone: (816) 941-3100
Fax: (816) 941-4838

(2) Contact your regular supplier.

(3) Consult "How to Fight Back Against Fraudulent Telemarketers."

(4) Send a written, documented complaint, along with a copy of the invoice to:

BTA Staff Attorney
222 S. Riverside Plaza
Ste. 2100
Chicago, IL 60606

Ms. Elena Paoli
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission
601 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20580

BTA's Vendor Members

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