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Capture the Magic 2019 Educational Sessions
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Keynote Address

Resilience in Action: How to Break Through Obstacles, Stay the Course & Finish Strong
Joel Boggess, speaker, media personality & author

In life, we have all had our share of falls, challenges, struggles and setbacks. It is not personal, it is just part of being alive. While the sting of a temporary defeat hurts, and causes some to backpedal, lose heart and stop short of the goal, it does not have to define us. In fact, with the right mindset, attitude and action plan, challenges, delays and disappointments do not determine the outcome; our determination to never give up does. Unfortunately, though, in a culture of mixed messages and confusing values, without the right understanding and guidance, even the best of intentions can go flat. It does not have to be that way. In this session, learn how the right mix of tools, resources and strategies — providing you the confidence to overcome the most unforgiving of career, business and personal disappointments — can be discovered, harnessed and mobilized.

Boggess is a motivational leadership speaker, media personality and a best-selling author. His latest book, "Finding your Voice," hit the number-one spot in the success and self-esteem categories, and was spotlighted by the editors of Success Magazine and as a Success Book Summary. Boggess' motivational and practical how-to pieces have appeared on, in Networking Times and Huffington Post. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, he earned his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University, an MBA from Amberton University and a master's in counseling. Boggess' podcast, ReLaunch, was named by Podcasters' Paradise as "Best Overall" in its debut year, and "Most Inspirational" podcast two years in a row. He and his wife, Pei, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area with their two dogs — a retired golden retriever therapy dog, Bubba, and a golden retriever rescue, Happy.

Featured Speaker

Leading Leaders: Inspiring, Empowering & Motivating Teams
Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Mickey Addison, consultant, author & speaker

In the military, servicemen and women learn to lead from their core values and set the example. In this featured session, you will learn how to achieve high performance through values-based leadership. Based on Addison's powerful leadership book, the "Leading Leaders" session will include straightforward advice for leaders at all levels on how to be successful through cultivating and deepening relationships. Developed over a 28-year military career and a lifetime of leading, he will lay out the foundation for character-based leadership. Addison will share the foundational principles of integrity, respect, teamwork, leaders leading and that little things matter, illustrated through personal stories and historical anecdotes.

Retired Col. Mickey Addison, U.S. Air Force, MSCE, PMP, is a consultant, author and keynote speaker for leadership. During his 30-year Air Force career, he commanded thousands of airmen, managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, and worked with military, civil and industry officials worldwide. Addison holds a bachelor of science in industrial engineering from Texas A&M, and three master's degrees in civil engineering (UTSA), military strategy (AU) and national strategy from National Defense Univeristy (NDU), where he was named a Distinguished Graduate. He is the author of eight books, including "Leading Leaders: Inspiring, Empowering, and Motivating Teams" and "The Five Be's: A Straightforward Guide to Life." Addison is a frequent contributor to industry publications and a podcast guest.

Educational Sessions

Proactive Prospecting: Converting Interruptions to More Conversations, Opportunities & Revenue
Tibor Shanto, principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

In today's economy, you cannot wait for customers to beat a path to your door. You need to go on the offensive and take a proactive approach to engaging new buyers. Companies achieving exceptional revenue growth understand that getting more appointments, and growing contacts and presence in new and existing accounts is critical to success. This session will focus on all elements of finding and converting more leads to more prospects, opportunities and revenues. Shanto presents proven practices to clearly communicating value; an effective talk track to overcome call reluctance; managing and overcoming common objections; prospecting executives; leveraging email and voicemail; and more.

Shanto has been a sales leader for more than 25 years, helping companies including Bell Mobility, Imperial Oil, Pitney Bowes and others increase results and sell better. He has been called a brilliant sales tactician, helping sales teams and organizations translate strategy to results. As an execution specialist, Shanto focuses on critical aspects of tactical execution and adoption of sales initiatives. He develops salespeople who understand that success in sales is about execution — everything else is just talk. Shanto is co-author of the award-winning book, "Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers." He was voted one of the top 30 salespeople in the world by; one of the 50 sales experts and influencers you should be following in 2019 by Reuters; one of the 50 most influential people in sales lead management by the Top Sales Management Association, and was voted top sales and marketing blog, Gold Medal Winner by Top Sales World.

Design & Document Your Compensation Plan to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Luis Gonzalez, founder, SalesScoreKeeper

In this session, Gonzalez will provide you ways to design and properly document your sales compensation plans to create the greatest sales results. See how to restructure your current compensation plans or build new multidimensional plans that will drive sales by creating high levels of excitement. Learn the benefits of and how to build recurring commission plans for contract services such as managed network services (MNS), managed print services (MPS) or any other contracted service your company sells. Session topics will include:
  • Sales compensation design
  • Sales compensation documentation
  • Recurring commissions
  • Industry sales commission trends
  • Restructuring current plans
In 2011, Gonzalez founded SalesScoreKeeper, a sales commission automation processing web application that helps dealers increase efficiency and accuracy during the process of sales commissions. In 1986, he founded Miami Office Systems (MOS) in south Florida. MOS specialized in the office equipment space for 25 years as an independent dealership. It was acquired by Sharp Electronics Corp. in 2007. From 2007 to 2011, Gonzalez was branch president and director of sales and marketing for Sharp Business Systems. He was most recently senior vice president for Sharp's Business Solutions Group.

The A4 Revolution
Ray Stasieczko, founder & CEO, TEASRA, The Innovation Channel

Over the last few years, Stasieczko has made some bold predictions regarding the imaging channel — such as a major retailer acquiring a mega dealership. That prediction has become a reality with the Staples/DEX deal. He has also have been discussing the reasons he believes HP will buy Xerox and, today, we see the companies moving closer together. The convergence of deliverables within SMB-to-SMB will change and create many opportunities and, with those opportunities, there will also come significant threats. The industry must explore the probability that 80% to 85% of its customers are vulnerable to significant disruption. In this session, Stasieczko will discuss the landscape of today's imaging channel. He will talk about why he started the A4 revolution; the current state of battle; how a dealer can ensure he (or she) has victory over competitive threats; the potential innovative competitors; and what will it look like when the A4 revolution is won.

Stasieczko has called the imaging channel home for nearly 30 years. In that time, he has owned and operated dealerships, served in senior leadership roles and offered consulting services. Stasieczko is well known in the industry and has contributed nearly 100 articles to the industry's publications. He has also spoken at the 2017 RT Media Summits in Cairo, Egypt, South America and China. During his time in China, Stasieczko discussed his thoughts on HP buying Xerox. Many in attendance could not comprehend that message. Today, however, it appears he was on to something as we have watched HP and Xerox tighten their relationship. This tightening relationship is also causing troubles for the remanufactured and new-build industries. In 2017, Stasieczko also suggested to the RT Media audience that instead of the new-build and remain industries fighting each other, they should pay attention to the OEMs that would ramp up aggression to win back their business — something HP is now accomplishing quite respectably. Recently at ITEX, he spoke to a standing-room-only crowd regarding his thoughts on the Staples/DEX acquisition, which Stasieczko predicted a year earlier. He continues to challenge the status quo and is a voice for A4. Stasieczko started what he has dubbed "The A4 Revolution," based on the realities that more than 80% of all A3 MFPs are oversold and should be A4 MFPs. Tune in to Stasieczko's "End of the Day with Ray" video series posted daily on YouTube and LinkedIn where he has more than 18,000 followers.

The Performance Process – Five Keys to Turning Around Your Sales Team
Troy Harrison, professional sales trainer & consultant, Troy Harrison & Associates

Do you need to turn your sales force's performance around or build a top-performing sales team? It can be more difficult and complicated now than ever. With the advent of the internet and social media, there are more variables in selling than ever — and even more variables in managing a sales force. In this session, Harrison will draw on his 25-plus years of success in executing sales turnarounds to distill what could be a complicated process down to a simple, five-step program. Whether you need to perform a turnaround or just fine-tune, this session will give you hard takeaway steps to grow your business. Topics covered include:
  • Assessing your current sales team
  • Finding your Freds – the customers you will build your business around
  • Finding the right salespeople
  • What you need to know to train your salespeople
  • The right leadership
  • And more!
Harrison is the author of "Sell Like You Mean It!" and "The Pocket Sales Manager," and is a speaker, consultant and sales navigator. He is also a regular contributor to BTA's Office Technology magazine. Harrison helps companies build more profitable and productive sales forces.

The Future of Imaging is 'Device as a Service'
Wes McArtor, president, NEXERA, A BEI Services Company

Today, there is compelling data that supports a transition to a flat-rate billing method. In this session, McArtor will address the "why" and "how" in terms of the need for office technology dealers to start implementing a flat-rate model. The session will put your mind at ease, addressing how to overcome the fears and challenges associated with this change. McArtor will show you the data that supports why flat rate is the proper strategy; simple methods to protect yourself from potential changes in the customer environment; and the potential increases in profit that can come from this transition and why he feels it is inevitable.

McArtor started his career as a service tech, rising to various senior-level service positions with Savin and Minolta before founding NEXERA (formerly BEI Services) in 1993. Since then, he has been providing independent dealers with an unbiased source for standards and nationwide comparative service reporting, saving them money along the way. McArtor's company now tracks millions of service calls on more than 4 million imaging devices around the world. He remains a familiar face and speaker at industry events such as ITEX and BPCA, BTA, EUG, CDA and SDG meetings.

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