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Dealers Helping Dealers

Sharing Insight, Questions Asked & Answered

Since it was founded in 1926, the primary focus of the Business Technology Association (BTA) has been to facilitate opportunities for dealers to help other dealers through the sharing of insight, ideas, strategies and experiences. This is often accomplished through attendance at BTA events and educational workshops, as well as participation in peer groups.

Recently, BTA solicited questions from a number of BTA member dealership employees. They were asked: "For your own benefit, what questions would you like to ask of other dealers/employees with the hope that the answers could help you in your dealership?"

Below are questions submitted. To provide members a resource for future use, these answers and others can be found using by clicking the question links below. This is a members-only benefit, so you will need your username and password to access the responses. Additional questions and answers will be added to this member resource over time and appear in Office Technology magazine.

Do you have a question you would like to ask your fellow dealers and dealership employees? If so, simply email your question to with the subject line: "Dealers Helping Dealers." Office Technology will share your question with the full dealer membership with a request for answers.

(1) With dropping margins and page volumes, what avenues is your dealership taking to regain a competitive edge and build margins?

(2) If you could offer advice in terms of the number-one "must do" in order to be successful in this industry, what would that be?

(3) Looking back at the history of your dealership, what decision did you make that has had the most profound impact on the progress of your company?

(4) What three product and services diversification strategies do you believe will best position the BTA dealer for the future?

(5) What do you believe is the best go-to-market strategy for managed IT services?

(6) How are you managing meter-collection activities? What tools are you using? What happens when your client won't install a DCA or allow automated meter-collection activities?

(7) How do you manage supplies fulfillment for your contracted customers so you aren’t sending too much toner, thus affecting your profitability?

(8) What process do you have to drive client referrals?

(9) Are you using PrintFleet, FMAudit or any monitoring software, not just for toner supply orders, but as part of a proactive service approach? Are you monitoring fuser levels, image units and transfer belt life so you can stock techs’ cars accordingly? If so, to what degree has this benefited your service operation?

(10) How are you managing unlimited or flat-rate service plans? What is done if the customer exceeds the original estimated print volume? And what is done to prevent customers from becoming "print shops"?
(11) With the continued decrease in copy volume, have you found a method for generating revenue on the increasing number of scans? If so, please explain.
(12) Ours is a small dealership in a very rural area. We cover multiple counties. Often, it is a one- to two-hour drive between customers when we have to make service calls. How can we keep our CPC rate competitive, yet still cover the cost of travel?

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