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SDG Membership Application & Dues Structure

Select Dealer Group (SDG) members have proven their commitment to implementing a sustainable, profitable business model using the ProFinance Business Model for Success. Meetings are designed to provide the strategies, encouragement and support you need as you implement the Model. SDG meets three times per year at locations around the country.

Joining SDG will help you:

  • Implement the ProFinance Business Model
  • Learn and share with other dealers who are also implementing the Model
  • Stay abreast of dealership tips and strategies
  • Meet with your peer group in three exclusive meetings throughout the year
  • Hear from industry speakers at each meeting
  • Stay the course and make your dealership more profitable

If you choose to be a part of SDG, you will be required to:

  • Pay a $1,500 annual membership fee
  • Be prepared to meet three times per year to discuss your implementation issues, concerns and successes
  • Cover your own transportation, hotel and expenses for each of the three annual meetings
  • Participate in the annual financial survey

Ready to take the next step?

Download the application form, complete it and return it to or fax it to (816) 941-4838.

Note: Only BTA dealer members are eligible for participation in SDG. If you are not already a BTA member, you will be asked to join prior to admittance to SDG. SDG membership is contingent upon Membership Committee recommendation and SDG Board of Directors approval.

Contact or call (800) 247-2176 for more information.