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February 2024 Office Technology CRM Survey

Office Technology magazine surveyed BTA's dealer members about the use of client relationship management (CRM) software in their dealerships. Following are the questions and the results from the 97 respondents.

(1) Which CRM do you use in your dealership?

  • AgentDealer: 11.34% (11 responses)
  • SalesChain: 33.02% (33 responses)
  • Sherpa CRM by White Cup: 27.84% (27 responses)
  • Other (indicate product name): 26.8% (26 responses)
    • Other product names listed included: ACT Premium, Ascellerate by ECI, ConnectWise Manage, FORZA/SAP, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, monday sales CRM, Pipedrive, Soaring by Falcon, Tigerpaw and Zoho.

(2) How long have you used your present CRM?

  • Less than one year: 13.4% (13 responses)
  • One to three years: 25.77% (25 responses)
  • Three to five years: 9.28% (9 responses)
  • More than five years: 51.55% (50 responses)

(3) Which of the following best describes the extent to which your dealership utilizes your CRM for marketing, quoting, data mining, relationship management, automated processes, etc.? (One respondent skipped this question.)

  • We are using our CRM at far less than its full potential: 40.63% (39 responses)
  • I am generally satisfied that we are using many of our CRM’s capabilities at a respectable level on a daily basis: 51.04% (49 responses)
  • We have fully optimized the use of our CRM and its capabilities: 8.33% (8 responses)

(4) How would you characterize your CRM software vendor in terms of its level of support, guidance, training and receptivity to recommendations for improvement?

  • Less than satisfactory: 18.56% (18 responses)
  • Satisfactory: 43.3% (42 responses)
  • Very good: 25.77% (25 responses)
  • Excellent: 12.37% (12 responses)

(5) How satisfied are you with your CRM, in terms of its functionality, ease of use and contribution to your dealership’s sales success?

  • Less than satisfied: 27.84% (27 responses)
  • Satisfied: 52.58% (51 responses)
  • Very satisfied: 19.59% (19 responses)

(6) Which of the following best describes your sales team members’ commitment to utilizing your CRM on a daily basis?

  • It’s an uphill battle that is “hit and miss” in terms of our sales reps using the CRM on a daily basis: 35.05% (34 responses)
  • I am generally satisfied with the level of usage of our CRM among our sales reps: 47.42% (46 responses)
  • I am very pleased with my sales team members and can say that they fully embrace the use of our CRM: 17.53% (17 responses)

(7) Would you like for BTA to schedule a session or breakouts on the subject of CRMs at a future district-hosted educational & networking event?

  • Yes: 77.32% (75 responses)
  • No: 22.68% (22 responses)

(8) Are there any general comments you would like to share on the topic of CRMs?