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Member Testimonials

"My membership this year saved me $10,000 in legal fees! Now that's an ROI! One call to Bob and he answered my legal question in what my local attorney said would be weeks of research. We all like to think of ourselves as experts in our industry so if we aren't utilizing the real experts at BTA to support us, then what are we doing?"
Greg Gondek, ACT Group, Cromwell, Connecticut

"Repeat Business Systems Inc. has been a BTA (NOMDA) member for more than 20 years. We have benefited from the training and other offerings, but we have gleaned the most from our experiences with your attorney, Mr. Bob Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg has provided information on issues as far ranging as business acquisitions to forms for software and IT contracts. He knows the office technology industry better than anyone I have encountered in my 24 years in this industry. Aside from the excellent advice he has provided, Mr. Goldberg has also made personal calls on our behalf. For example, we were involved in a challenging issue with a leasing company that, after six months, was not resolved. Mr. Goldberg called the president of that company on our behalf and the issue was resolved within 24 hours. Thank you to BTA and Mr. Goldberg for a long history of excellence and commitment to the independent dealer channel."
Dawn Abbuhl, Repeat Business Systems, Albany, New York

"One of the most important things is forms — the forms Goldberg puts out on the website that we can download and modify to meet our needs. I've used a lot of the employee ones (cell phone use, vehicle use, etc.), network services forms, rental agreements. All you have to do is modify them a little bit to what you want and you've got a form you can use that is legitimate and legal, and so will carry some weight."
Cathy Dimon, Northern Business Systems, Fairbanks, Alaska

"As you know, I value greatly our BTA membership. I will have to say that one of the highest values I see with OfficeWare's BTA membership is access to Bob Goldberg and his legal advice. Bob has been a great resource over the years. He has helped us in structuring new programs and contracts. He has actually guided us and gone to bat for us in renewing dealer contracts, and also having attended several of his seminars, he has probably saved us some pain and legal expense along the way. I would certainly encourage BTA to continue to offer these services to the membership. It is of high value."
Rick Maxwell, OfficeWare Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

"In the past several years, I have contacted Bob Goldberg on numerous topics as they pertain to our dealership. I have been extremely satisfied with his knowledge of the dealer business. He has helped us many times regarding contracts of all types. He has sent me templates of documents — from maintenance contracts to employment contracts. It is a great benefit of being a BTA member to be able to call Bob Goldberg and and talk to him about the myriad legal issues that come up in our dealership. Every time I have contacted Bob, he has been very prompt in his response and honest in what he can help with and what he cannot."
Roger King, EO Johnson Co., Wausau, Wisconsin

"PERRY proTECH has been a member of BTA since 1980. Over the years, our membership has benefited us in countless ways because of the many services offered by BTA, particularly BTA Legal Services, headed by BTA General Counsel Bob Goldberg. Bob's intimate knowledge of our industry and his unmatched availability and follow-up have provided us with timely, expert legal advice on a wide variety of legal matters at no additional cost. The value and cost savings we derived from his services alone greatly exceeds and more than justifies our membership fees."
Barry Clark, PERRY proTECH, Lima, Ohio

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