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Customer Service Training – GreatAmerica PathShare HR Services

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BTA Exclusive Member Offer: Customer Service Training

Exceptional customer service is no coincidence. Every role within your organization impacts the overall experience you create for your customers, helping or hindering your ability to retain their business. Maintaining exceptional customer service requires a strategic and purposeful approach, and PathShare® HR Services can help with this exclusive offer.

BTA members qualify for a FREE Customer Service Training consultation, in addition to a 10% discount on an on-site session. This customized training is designed to empower your team to achieve and maintain high service-level standards. As a part of this program, PathShare® HR Services will:

  • Work with your leadership team to define the unique customer service standards that become part of your customer service culture
  • Deliver interactive, on-site, company-wide training to:
    • Identify behaviors that drive good and bad customer experiences
    • Set the foundation of your desired customer service culture by sharing the unique customer service standards defined by the leadership team
    • Identify factors within your business impacting customer satisfaction
    • Lay out a defined path to superior customer satisfaction with activities to solidify the process
    • Participate in training and role-playing opportunities for addressing difficult customer scenarios
    • Set individual goals and commitment to superior customer service

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