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ProFinance 3.0


Upcoming Workshop Dates and Locations:
(Note: Space is limited for these workshops. Registrants confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Member Tuition: $1,395*
(Additional attendee from the same dealership: $1,115. Discounts do not apply to additional attendee registrations.)

Non-member Tuition: $1,895 (Includes a one-year BTA dealer membership. If you are not a current BTA member, visit

*BTA members may apply their $150 or $250 educational discount received with their membership toward this workshop. Redeem your discount when registering by entering promo code: $150Discount or $250Discount.

Already attended ProFinance but would like a refresher course and to obtain the new model? BTA members can attend again for 50% off the member price. (Discounts do not apply.)


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"The course was impactful and I'm excited to implement ideas driven from the information shared. The framework of classification of revenue and cost was phenomenal. The data-based information generated a wealth of communication and strategies we can implement to drive stronger profitability."
— Monica Wilmore, Virginia Business Systems, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

"The financial benchmarking and profitability model were the most helpful to me. It gave a more in-depth look at the numbers we need to be at to be a more profitable company. I appreciate the help and knowledge both John and Todd bring with their years of experience and expertise in this industry. I would recommend this course to others in leadership roles in this industry."
— Brett Maxwell, KOMAX Business Systems, South Charleston, West Virginia

"I really enjoyed the course material and the leaders. John and Todd were very engaging and kept the sessions moving at a comfortable pace."
— John Arabio, NATIONAL Business Technologies, Albany, New York

"Thank you. It was a great one-and-a-half days. I learned a ton. [The most helpful information was] seeing the model and learning how to implement it into our business, and learning that benchmarking was also key to see how we are actually doing."
— Brian Seeley, Seeley Office Systems Inc., Glens Falls, New York

"Todd and John were great in educating everyone on how to run a successful dealership. I can't wait to take back the model and go all in on making sure our company is running efficiently and profitably."
— Adam Volpe, Altek Business Systems Inc., Telford, Pennsylvania

"This is my second time coming to ProFinance. My role and outlook has changed since the first time and experiences that I've had have allowed me to hear a completely new course. John and Todd are invaluable as I grow into my role and ensure my business is in the best position to be successful. The overall message is fantastic. It's not just about money, it's about success — which is a fantastic message to listen to."
— Scott Flaherty, Altek Business Systems Inc., Telford, Pennsylvania

"Todd and John put on a great presentation packed with valuable insight, while interjecting humor to keep it fun and engaging, as well as educational. Even though I have been actively working with the ProFinance model over the past couple of years, I now have a stronger ability to view it in a more 360-degree approach before reaching any conclusions."
— Don O'Bryan, Ed & Ed Business Technology Inc., Westmoreland, New York

"Being so new to this industry, [ProFinance] really helps give a good understanding of what is going on. It is really cool to see people from different areas and hear about how they manage some of this stuff. The financial benchmarking and the profitability model [was the most helpful]. It gives us a good idea of what to strive for and about how we can go about achieving our goals. I am very curious to see where our company is now and figuring out how to implement these strategies."
— Jamison Taylor, Cobb Technologies, Glen Allen, Virginia

"Great training. I really enjoyed the class! I now have a better understanding of how the model is administered."
— Richard Hoy, Virginia Business Systems, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

"Outstanding presentation. My workbook is full of helpful notes and highlighting. I found the representation of the MFP and MPS profitability model, and the repeated references back to the model, to be the most helpful information."
— Mindy Speck, Century Business Technologies, Topeka, Kansas

"Great class for those who want to understand where we can improve, make better decisions and continue to work together as a team through this journey."
— Hector Nunez, Edwards Business Systems, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

"I think ProFinance is an excellent practical tool and the class lays out a clear path to make the adjustments that will improve the company's financials."
— Daniel McSweeney, DCA Technology Partners, Lanham, Maryland

"Wow. All of the information was so well-researched and so well-presented that when we get back to our dealership we will know how to use the model and all of the information. It was powerful information, expertly conveyed."
— Vincent Scarborough, DCA Technology Partners, Lanham, Maryland

"They [John and Todd] do a great job breaking things down for different levels of employees."
— Annette Goodman, Metro Sales Inc. (MSI), Burnsville, Minnesota

"[The most helpful information] was the model and the percentages shown on what the most successful businesses are achieving. I can’t wait to get back and input our actual numbers into the model to see how we compare."
— Matt Hansen, River Bend Business Products, Mankato, Minnesota

"[The workshop] was very informative and I look forward to starting to apply [what I learned] to our business."
— Ben Hansen, River Bend Business Products, Mankato, Minnesota

"The financial model, the story that relates to the information and pitfalls that companies get into with the model were most helpful."
— Ashley Bell, Bishop Business, Omaha, Nebraska

"[It was helpful] to know that other dealers have the same issues we do in regard to comp plans, etc. [I learned] that we can fix any issues if we follow the model and don't discount the aftermarket. Being a family business, I found it very insightful, as I am currently dealing with those dynamics."
— Matt Pokorney, Advanced Office Systems, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"The exercises were fun for me, but I'm in finance. Everyone around me appreciated accounting for once! I loved getting the spreadsheets. [Learning how to] use the numbers to drive the business [was helpful]. It takes out the guesswork."
— Julie Toth, Plus Inc., Greenville, South Carolina

"We use [the ProFinance] model, so this gave me a better understanding. "
— Chip Gums, Novatech, Columbia, South Carolina

"Having commonalities [with other attendees] is reassuring and knowing that no matter where we are, we have the same issues and stories. [It was helpful to] know that I can reach out to others in the industry, have a sense of community among my peers and that we can learn from each other."
— Lou Borja, Integrated Business Solutions, Aiea, Hawaii

"[The most helpful parts were] learning about what kind of expenses go in each bucket to best evaluate how a company is doing. Working in AP, having a better idea of what bucket an expense will hit when the monthly reports are put together will help me understand how to look at invoices differently. Emphasizing that the service is what we sell and not the product was also helpful."
— Travis Butler, Novatech, Memphis, Tennessee

"It [the information] was all very helpful. It was nice to see what components we are following, and what we can review and do better. It was also very helpful to have time to talk with others. I learned a lot from each section, and really enjoyed the compensation and culture sections."
— Destre Crawford, Standley Systems, Chickasha, Oklahoma

"I enjoyed the entire class. It was my second time to attend and I found it much better this time."
— Deah Surver, Standley Systems, Chickasha, Oklahoma

"I loved everything! So informative! I learned a lot and really connected all the departments together. Some people may be so compartmentalized they don't realize the other parts of the business need attention. Including culture is important and some leaders feel culture makes itself, instead of them needing to create and cultivate the culture. Todd was an exceptional speaker and very motivating."
— Katie Maggs, Solutions YES LLC, Portland, Oregon

"The model was extremely helpful to cross reference what we're doing today and how it stacks up. The timing of the training was perfect. You can tell both gentlemen have been doing this for years. Having them be part of our industry helps tremendously. Bravo!"
— Mike Fair, Pulse Technology, Schaumburg, Illinois

"Going through the 'math to build the model' worksheet and solve problems was excellent. Thank you so much. This has been a really valuable use of time."
— Cliff Davis, Capital Business Systems Inc., Fort Collins, Colorado

"As always, very well done and extremely professional."
— Tom Tegeder, James Imaging Systems Inc., Brookfield, Wisconsin

"Learning about what needs to be adjusted to fix profits was extremely insightful. Selling more is not just the answer."
— Nicole Morgan, MOEbiz, Monroe, Louisiana

"You learn something new each time you come to ProFinance."
— Carol Catanzarite, Boring Business Systems, Lakeland, Florida

"Being new to the industry, the breakdown of the model helps me have a better understanding of what I am learning daily."
— Melissa Bryant, Boring Business Systems, Lakeland, Florida

"I appreciated the training; it was very helpful and impactful."
— Steven Ness, Liberty Business Systems Inc., Fargo, North Dakota

"Great work guys. I found this [workshop] helpful and look forward to implementing [the information] into our dealership. The day two material was very insightful, as my company is still trying to determine how to diversify and explore other ways to generate revenue."
— Marcus Taylor, Cobb Technologies, Glen Allen, Virginia

"Being extremely new to this job and the industry, I can say that I leave here more knowledgeable of how the industry measures itself than I would have otherwise. Benchmarking only works when data is consistently applied and you did an excellent job of detailing how to get there."
— Steve Nardo, Cobb Technologies, Glen Allen, Virginia

"I really liked the whole course, but I particularly liked the sales compensation portion and the IT insights."
— Michael Piche, Automated Business Products, Centennial, Colorado

"This course is great for anyone who is presented the model but asks questions each time they see it. I was given the model upon starting with my company, but my understanding of the how and why has greatly improved."
— Scott Flaherty, Altek Business Systems Inc., Telford, Pennsylvania

"This was my third time through. These guys have helped me change the direction of my organization. I could not be more pleased with all the new IT information."
— Dave Lynch, Repeat Business Systems, Albany, New York

"Excellent job by John and Todd. Their communication was very clear."
— Joe Madden, Ed & Ed Business Technologies, Westmoreland, New York

"John and Todd have a wealth of experience and do a great job at presenting the content with great energy. If you want to grow predictably and sustainably, take ProFinance!"
— Amine Hammedi, Nauticon Office Solutions, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"I appreciate your time. You both have very strong experience. The model is good for imaging and SMB where competition is limited."
— Ben Johnson, Woodburn Company, Everett, Washington

"Excellent seminar for strategic business planning. Very informative. Thank you!"
— Dana Johnston, CPI Technologies, Springfield, Missouri

"This course is extremely beneficial no matter how many years you have been in the business or used the model."
— Carol Catanzarite, Boring Business Systems, Lakeland, Florida

"We attended our first workshop in 2001. Since then, we have attended it five more times to see changes and get more feedback. It has been very important to our growth and the health of our business."
— Tony Pezeshkian, Summit Business Systems Inc., Edmond, Oklahoma

"This was a very valuable session and open discussion between instructors and participants."
— Cory Spice, Wisconsin Document Imaging, Green Bay, Wisconsin

"Todd's legitimacy and the relevance of his information differentiate this program and provide great value."
— Steven Spector, Docugraphics LLC, Charleston, South Carolina

"Great class! I would attend again and am interested in this class for our entire management team."
— Janene Aul, Systel Business Equipment Co. Inc., Fayetteville, North Carolina

"This was an excellent opportunity to learn what 'good' looks like and set an understanding of how to get better."
— Richard Schaublin, Xerox Corp., Durham, North Carolina