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IT University Online


IT University Online (ITU) is a leader in providing online IT training courses. ITU has the training required to grow your dealership through managed network services, increasing revenue and profits. As customers demand more IT expertise from their vendors, ITU understands the balance between boot camps and books.

Reasons to Buy a Lifetime Library:

  • Purchasing a library is the most cost effective IT training you’ll ever buy.
  • You get lifetime access — your courses never expire.
  • You will always be up-to-date In the IT field. Technology changes rapidly. As it changes, you have a great resource to learn new technologies.
  • When ITU updates and adds new courses, you have full access to it all of them without ever paying again. This is exclusive to ITU Online training and is offered by no other IT training provider.
  • You can train on your time. There are no deadlines. Train whenever and wherever you want at your own pace.
  • Use the courses to expand your IT knowledge. Even if you only focus on a single technology now, always be open to learning new technologies. If you are proficient in Microsoft technologies, there is no better time to become proficient in all things Cisco. The more you know, the more marketable you are and the higher salaries you can command in your field of choice.
  • Quite simply, learning is fun!

BTA members receive the Lifetime Library for just $244.65 (regular price: $699), a 65% discount. Click here to order. You will need your BTA username and password.