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Member Classifications & Dues

Dealer Members

(Office technology dealer, VAR, systems integrator, networking consultant, mailing/shipping dealer)

Dealer members are companies that conduct 51% or more of their business in the sale and/or service of office technology equipment and systems, mailing/shipping equipment and systems, networking equipment and systems, or office supplies to end users. The dealership of record shall be entitled to all benefits of BTA membership. Membership carries voting rights.

Annual dues:

  • One year: $500 (includes $400 in coupons)
  • Two years: $925 (includes $950 in coupons)

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Vendor Members

Vendor members include regional, national and international product manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of office technology and networking equipment, software publishers and developers. Also included are vendors that supply professional services to the office technology industry or publishers of periodicals pertaining to the office technology industry. Membership does not carry voting rights.

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BTA Navigator Program

BTA Navigators are a special group of manufacturers that have jointly identified the importance of an informed and educated dealer network. Their acknowledgment of this priority guarantees more professional representatives promoting their products in the marketplace and ensures the qualified and ethical practices that have long been the trademark of BTA dealers.

Enrollment in this program enables your dealers to take advantage of cooperative advertising funds for membership dues and/or educational tuition. The strength of this program is that it does not cost you any money other than the amounts already budgeted for your co-op and support programs.

Click here for BTA Navigator Program details and see if your manufacturer will reimburse you for your dues.


IBPI/BTA Strategic Alliance

Are you a member of IBPI? One of the benefits of BTA's strategic partnership with IBPI is that a dealership that is a member of both BTA and IBPI can elect to have its annual BTA dues paid with its IBPI rebate.

Those who aren't BTA member can also join BTA using their IBPI rebates!

If you would like to elect to have your annual BTA Membership dues deducted from your annual IBPI rebate, or if you'd like to join BTA using your IBPI rebate, please complete this form.

This election will remain in effect until withdrawn in writing by the dealer. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. This is not mandatory, but is available to IBPI members for convenience.