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BTA Events

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2024 BTA National Conference • Capture the Magic • Grand Slam • Fall Colors Retreat

Past BTA Events

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Feedback from BTA's events has been positive. Here are a few comments from 2023 BTA event attendees:
  • Spring Break, hosted by BTA Southeast: "I've participated in this event [Spring Break] for many, many years and I will say, this year was quite inspiring. I really enjoyed the speakers; the education was great, the storytelling was great. And even for a guy like me who has 31 years in the business, I’m motivated to go home and get my team riled up." — Bob Heffelfinger, Advanced Office Systems Inc., Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • Capture the Magic, hosted by BTA West: "The entire event [Capture the Magic] was extremely valuable. The venue is obviously beautiful here in Aurora [Colorado]. It’s been a great opportunity to exchange ideas with peers and other folks in the industry. There was a great keynote speaker who really gave me a lot of ideas on helping me run our business. With the dealer panels, you’re getting real-world stuff. I thought it was absolutely excellent." — Jim George, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2023 BTA National Conference, hosted by BTA East & BTA Mid-America: "I thought this [the 2023 BTA National Conference] was amazing. I’ve been to many dealer meetings and some other BTA events and, by far, this was a home run. I was able to talk to people I probably wouldn’t have talked to in the past. It was fantastic. You guys did a really good job and I really appreciate the fact that you put this together." — Randy Rezek, Town Business Systems, Norwood, Massachusetts
  • Fall Colors Retreat, hosted by BTA Southeast: "This [the Fall Colors Retreat] was my first BTA meeting; we're a brand-new member. I was looking to dig in and find out what I could do differently at my dealership ... [I liked] the fact that the vendors are participating during the entire meeting and they’re not tucked off in some other space — we're all connected, we're all interacting ... Learning and getting to know some of the guys at other dealerships that are in similar positions as I am [was great] ... The vibe that I'm getting is that everybody is very helpful and very interested in helping one another succeed." — John Pecnik, Dowling Douglas Co., Jacksonville, Florida
2024 Events
  • 2024 BTA National Conference
  • Capture the Magic
  • Grand Slam
  • Fall Colors Retreat
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