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Fraudulent Telemarketing

It is our aim to assist members and their customers whenever possible in trying to stop problems with toner pirates. Included are some guidelines that will help you in this regard as well as a form letter to reject the goods. Send a copy of your letter of rejection and any copies of any invoices and correspondence that pertain to your complaint to:

Business Technology Association
12411 Wornall Road, Ste. 200
Kansas City, MO 64145

Or, fax it to: (312) 559-1172. We will forward a copy of your complaint to the FTC, which keeps a database for potential law enforcement action against these types of companies.

Also dedicated to fighting telemarketing fraud are the National Fraud Information Center [(800) 876-7060], the Better Business Bureau and the Telemarketing Fraud Contact at the Attorney General's office in each state. You should contact the Attorney General of the state from which the order was sent as well as your own home state. These agencies may also provide you with additional information and guidance on specific concerns. Lastly, information may be obtained from the Internet by visiting the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Gateway at, and the Imaging Supplies Coalition website at

It is our hope that the more information we spread about fraudulent telemarketers, the sooner they can be stopped. Members may call the BTA Legal Hotline at (312) 648-2300 if they have any further questions.