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Kingston Training Group

The Kingston Training Group (KTG) works with office technology dealers across the country. It trains and coaches sales teams to be more effective in setting vertically focused net-new meetings with C-level contacts — accounts that you are not currently doing business with.

To date, KTG has trained employees at all of Sharp's direct branches across the country, as well as employees at numerous independent dealerships that were looking to grow their businesses beyond just upgrading their bases.

KTG works day in and day out with dealers who want to grow their businesses but are lacking a plan to aggressively position themselves to get into accounts that are currently serviced by their competition. Your best prospects are your competitor's best customers. KTG trains your sales staff on how to get appointments with the proper contacts to take over these accounts.

KTG guarantees that your net-new meetings will increase by no less than 50% with the implementation of its program. Your staff may feel like they have just been through prospecting boot camp, but the results will provide a great return on investment for your dealership and your sales reps.

The Kingston Training Group's Prospecting Sales Training includes:

  • Live on-site workshop training
  • Individual one-on-one training placing real calls to live prospects
  • Training and tools for managers
  • 40 vertical-industry telephone scripts and 170 email templates (law, medical, construction, etc.)
  • Digital recordings of all training sessions
  • Vertical vocabulary tele-classes
  • New-hire training
  • Weekly access to additional touchpoint and new-hire training
  • Teletraining once a month for salespeople and managers on processes and systems
  • Activity accountability
  • Time management
  • Social media prospect training

In partnering with the Kingston Training Group, your dealership will experience:

  • Making more net-new sales
  • Increasing the number of new, qualified, C-level prospects they meet with every week
  • Consistently selling more in assigned territories
  • Penetrating the competition's best accounts

For more information, contact:
Kate Kingston, president and founder
Phone: (646) 831-5184