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MyQ Lucy BTAMyQ is a pioneering global software company at the forefront of the print industry, with a remarkable 30-year legacy of expertise and continuous innovation. With a firm commitment to user-centricity and cultivating strong partnerships founded on pillars of respect, loyalty and trust, it proudly delivers cutting-edge print, copy, scan and document management solutions. MyQ's comprehensive range of offerings, including native public cloud platforms, as well as on-premise, private and hybrid cloud print management solutions, directly tackle the tangible challenges encountered in modern workplaces. At MyQ, we deeply value and prioritize respect within document workflow management, recognizing the real people behind each document who seek convenience, security and cost-effectiveness. By streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency, the company saves valuable time for both individuals and organizations, empowering them to accelerate workflow digitization, optimize printer fleets and focus on what they do best.