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Performance Now

Performance Now is a strategic business development and performance management company. It brings visibility, planning, inspiration and hands-on mentoring to your organization, providing a system for support that accelerates growth and development. Performance Now focuses on back office, operations, administration and finance utilizing a consultative and performance-based approach to identify areas of opportunity and rapidly transform productivity.

It implements success channels quickly and establishes benchmarking for ongoing performance. This is not an exhaustive relationship meant to drain your resources and funds; it is a progressive relationship meant to stack your team, embolden leaders, hone skills and develop next-level management.

On that journey, Performance Now will have a tactical review of operations, services, administration and controls. A tactical review is specific in nature to processes, staff, documented procedures, and goals and outcomes. The company will further execute strategy for implementation to assure rapid adoption and tangible ROI.

  • B2B Consultant
  • Workshops & Professional Coaching
  • Business Unit & ERP Analysis
  • Excellence Systems Plus Back-Office Benchmarking Admin/Ops
  • Tactical Training Employee Onboarding
  • Performance Review & Team Planning Template
  • New-Customer Integration Tools, Systems & Change Management COM
  • Acquisition Services:
    • Talent ID & Role Responsibility
    • Program ID & Continuing Support Needs
    • ERP Review Plus Ongoing Administration Reqs
    • Portfolio Consolidation & Restructuring
    • Go Live Integration Prep
    • Procedural Training & Benchmark Support
    • Go Live Support