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Keypoint Intelligence UVERCE

Grow Your Business with UVERCE™

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients.

UVERCE™ bridges the gap between e-commerce and the consultative sales engagement. Built from the market-leading product catalog builder (powered by bliQ), UVERCE™ enables you to transform your website into a research hub, enables your sales
team to collaborate easily with customers, and provides a complete e-commerce experience.

B2B buyer behaviors are changing ... UVERCE™ helps you keep pace with your customers.

  • Easy-to-use and maintenance-free e-commerce experience
    UVERCE™ offers detailed product information, comparison, and configuration tools to speed buyers to a purchase-ready state and provides your clients with a seamless customer experience
  • Search and compare using a full comparative product catalog
    Powered by bliQ’s comprehensive library of devices, accessories, supplies and their specifications, UVERCE™ allows for self-directed buyers to find, compare, configure, contract,
    and purchase their optimal solution on their own.
  • Communicate with your clients virtually
    UVERCE™ provides real-time chat, video, and information sharing to generate customer trust and accelerate your sales process.

Learn more about UVERCE™ here or contact

BTA members receive a 10% discount on the UVERCE™ setup fee.