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Managed Website Services – Dealer Site Builder

BTA Members will receive free setup on a new website.
This includes everything — no hidden charges (a $1,000 to $2,000 value).

Dealer Site Builder provides competitive, turnkey managed websites for office technology dealers with best-in-class customer service. From small, rural dealerships to new startups to well-established, 250-plus-employee organizations, Dealer Site Builder has a solution to meet your dealership's unique needs!

No learning curve: Dealer Site Builder knows your business. You won't have to explain what a meter read is! Dealer Site Builder was started by a former dealership owner and has been partnering with dealers like you for the past 23-plus years. You may have met the Dealer Site Builder team at ITEX as a Platinum Sponsor in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Washington, D.C. Or, perhaps, we've met at your manufacturer's national conference or another industry event.

For more information and to apply for your BTA Member discount, please contact:

David Zandri
Solutions Specialist, Dealer Site Builder
Phone: (913) 717-4995, ext. 10