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Capture the Magic 2024 Main Stage Session 4

Anne Valaitis

Intelligent Printing: How AI is Revolutionizing MPS

June 19, 11 a.m. to Noon

Anne Valaitis, principal analyst, Keypoint Intelligence

The managed print services (MPS) industry faces numerous pressures, from digital transformation to cost constraints. Artificial intelligence (AI) presents a compelling opportunity to overcome challenges and ignite a new wave of efficiency. This session will spotlight real-world AI use cases for streamlining workflows, cutting costs and elevating print intelligence.

Valaitis will explore the current print landscape and why AI adoption is accelerating across areas like predictive maintenance, automated supply fulfillment and usage analytics. Attendees will learn actionable strategies for implementing AI to optimize operations and hear firsthand research around overcoming change resistance.

The session will culminate with recommendations and go-to-market strategies with AI print services — including communicating value propositions, addressing concerns and selling smarter solutions. Audience members will walk away energized and equipped to make AI a competitive differentiator. By harnessing AI to work smarter, providers can reinvigorate growth while delivering exceptional customer experiences powered by data and insight.

As principal analyst at Keypoint Intelligence, Valaitis has carved out a niche in managed IT services and AI, with 29 years of experience. Her dedication has been instrumental in elevating Keypoint Intelligence clients' performance, achieving notable milestones. Valaitis has launched dozens of research and analysis initiatives covering critical trends shaping the document solutions landscape. Before joining Keypoint Intelligence, she was a product manager at various hardcopy vendors where Valaitis left a legacy of deep involvement through an entire product life cycle, lending her insights to product/solutions and services road-map development, beta testing and crafting launch campaigns. Through close engagements with both technology developers and end users, Valaitis brings a holistic view in shaping compelling new offerings that deliver true customer value. She has been featured in a variety of publications for her expertise on AI and managed IT services, and led many insightful in-person and webinar sessions.