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Welcome to the Business Technology Association!
Founded in 1926, the Business Technology Association (BTA) serves office technology dealerships, resellers, manufacturers, distributors and service companies. Its core members — office technology dealerships — consult, provide services and sell hardware, software and supplies with the goal of helping businesses maximize their investment in devices and technology. Through the association's various educational programs, information, research, legal services, publications and guidance, BTA member dealerships are positioned to be the premier source of the office technology used by businesses throughout the United States every day.

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Mobile Printing
Early on there were word processors, then PCs and, later, laptops. Today, tablets and smartphones are everywhere. Technology continues to change. What is not changing is the use of technology to access information and documents, as well as the occasional need to see it on the printed page. So, why not accommodate the need for printing from today’s latest technologies — tablets and smartphones? After all, that is increasingly what workers want.

Digital Customer Experience
While we may not be jetting around in George Jetson's flying car, we live in a world completely dependent on technology. As technology is created at warp speed, our sphere of influence expands exponentially. A company cannot afford to be complacent or it will become the victim of "digital Darwinism." Learning to adapt and evolve is crucial to survival. Innovation across business processes with an eye toward digital transformation is how companies will compete today for a spot in tomorrow's marketplace.

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