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February 2024 Office Technology

Table of Contents

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Feature Articles

Analytics & Automation • CRM Survey
Three dealerships tout the value of their CRMs
by Brent Hoskins, Office Technology Magazine

Value Building 101
Get in the front seat of the car with your customer
by Derek Shebby, Modern Sales Training)

Advisory Boards
Experienced guidance for strategy & growth
by Mark Perlo, Sales Growth Partners

Courts & Capitols

The Implications of AI
Set forth guidelines to ensure ethical, responsible use
by Greg Goldberg, Incoming BTA General Counsel

Thank You, Bob

'Love You, Brother'
Wishing you happiness, great health & good fortune
by Mike Stramaglio, Stramaglio Consulting

Principal Issues

Executive Connection Summit
AI emerges as a predominant topic of discussion
by Brent Hoskins, Office Technology Magazine

Mastering Recruitment
Attracting millennial & Gen-Z talent in 2024
by Adam Volpe, Altek Business Systems

Executive Director's Page

Dealers Share CRM Software Feedback
by Brent Hoskins, Office Technology

President's Message

Build on Your Success April 5-6 in Orlando
by Don Risser, 2023-24 BTA President


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